Friday, March 12, 2010

Telephone- Lady G and Queen B

If you haven't seen TELEPHONE yet- watch it here, courtesy of NY Magazine:

I have some issues with the video (but praise as well.)

1. WHY does she always have to wear NOTHING? Case in point:

2. But, when she's wearing clothes, she looks fabulous, has gorgeous (finally non sunglass covered) eyes, and great hair.

3. WHO does she make out with? If that's a woman in the jail yard, those are the most masculine arms ever. (You can watch it to see that...)

4. Marketing. I'm in advertising and am all about getting someone else to showcase your goodies, however for Virgin and Polaroid, I think it was a little bit obvious.

5. Obviously... Queen B. Naturally looking gorgeous (except for when she picks up Lady Gaga from jail and has nutty bangs, but I'll forgive you for that, B.)

6. In the part of the video that the picture above here is removed from- there is a weird herd of buffalo it seems passing through the back of their car. If you can remove your attention from Queen B feeding Lady Gaga, you may be able to notice them. Either way, the whole scene is strange.

7. I am in love with the Wonder Woman theme here.

8. Not so much with the "look at me I'm an animal" body suit.

9. Even though the name of the car is something dirty (as you see in the picture here) their outfits are creepily gorgeous. It's like they're going to a funeral dressed in beautifully, delicate, chiffon gowns.

10. There are so many parts of the video (mind you: it's just under 10 minutes) that I love and are funky and strange. The editing is amazing and must have taken forever, so my appreciation of that is a no-brainer. I mean, I'm not quite sure why these women are killing multiple people at a diner, but it's very film like. I'm sure the video is going to be front-runner for VMAs at the end of this year.

I haven't heard another song by them, but there is going to be a part 2, which I'm already anticipating.

What do you guys think of the video?


  1. I think its the stupidest video EVER and a waste of money LOL... The video I watched had a intro which was dumb

  2. It's just so weird, and captivating at the same time.

  3. I still don't understand how it fits in with the song? I was so looking forward to a crazy dance scene in a club type video!

    PS, I am new to your blog folowing, but I love it! I left you a present on my blog today.

  4. I agree, Lena! I was looking forward to that too!

    Oh thank you so much!!


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