Monday, April 19, 2010

I bet you didn't know...

That this is the one-and-only Famous Amos.

Yep! Like the Famous Amos cookies...

I always thought this was probably Famous Amos.

My... the things you learn on Unwrapped.

Happy Monday :) Now you have a little tid-bit to go home and tell your roommate or loved one.

Friday, April 16, 2010

This Week On The Internet- TWOTI

Favorite People! I've missed you. Welcome back.

I have a lot to say today, but nothing to write.

So, instead, I'm going to introduce you to TWOTI.

Yep, This Week On The Internet.

The PR chickies in my office make this every week (and have done so) for the last 35 weeks. These girls have an additional genome strand that allows them to find and detect all "soon-to-be-cool" things on the internet. They record this information in a blog, aptly named This Week On The Internet.

It's got a bunch of great, fun, useful, tools, tips, and bits of information and links that will, ultimately, make you way cooler in your knowledge of anything INTERNET.

Here's the link:

With that, I leave you with this precious little Chanel-hipster-in-training.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank You, Get Up Kids

Remember back to the time where your first boyfriend made you mixed tapes that allowed him to express his feelings through someone else's words? Yes, kiddies, I said TAPES. Back before burn-able CDs or even iPhod playlists.

Well, I was reminded about this time, tonight, while scanning through the newest iTunes albums available. The Get Up Kids have a new album out, and I was suddenly flashing back to 2000-2003 and thought, how did I manage to survive those years? I can probably vouch for most of us, we don't remember what we got on all our tests (there are a few scores that we can remember) and we don't remember all our teachers names (there are, again, a few key educators that we can remember) but we do remember everyone we dated or had super-crushes on.

Listening to music from our high school eras, I think, is the most fun (and sometimes roughest) way to flash back to old memories. Not that I want to recall all of them! [[I can say, honestly, that high school lasted 1.5 years too long for me.]]

But, just seeing The Get Up Kids name flash on the homepage of iTunes made me laugh and sneak into see their old albums to listen to what got me through my years... 10 years ago.

What band do you want to thank for getting you through those nutso times?

I'll leave you with this: I'll Catch You- Get Up Kids
...and this....

Happy 8th Grade Graduation, lovies! (Little did you know how the next 4 years would unfold... ha!) xoxo

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A night to remember

SIMPLY because there was so much hair.

To start off- my fabulous friend and I went to her see brother's band for a charity event at the Canal Room. Here is a photogograph of her brother singing his heart out in his band, Instant Classic:

It was so much fun! From when Instant Classic was on, singing their own music and also covering such fantastic bands like The Band, through the break between music acts (where Jackie and I had a CRAZY dance off to 80s Janet) we just all had such a blast.

THEN... the night really heated up. Rubix Kube, the BEST 80s cover band EVER, came on and let's just say, my voice is still's Tuesday.

We danced and sang to so many 80s songs that at one point, I looked around me and LITERALLY thought that I had gone back to pre-ME days when I wasn't even a thought in my parents minds. Yes, I'm a child of the 1980s, and am damn proud of it.

I'll just let the photographs tell the rest of the story...

AAAAAnd we're going back this weekend. YESSSS!

Friday, April 9, 2010

*This One's For The Girls*

Can we discuss....

So, after a few IMs from friends informing me of the NEW TRAILER for Sex and the City 2, I had to blog about the new discovery: AIDAN'S BACK!!! There aren't enough exclamation points or large enough capital letters for me to exclaim how utterly excited I am for this movie.

To give you background: I have a certain friend who, when we were in high school, were going to "get into Fordham, move to the City and be just like 'Sex and the City.'" Let me remind you: I was young, hadn't seen every episode yet and TV-series on DVDs were something of the future. But, I knew that I wanted this life. This, living in New York City, being "glamorous," glittery, fun, stay-up-all-night life. What I didn't realize was that Fordham was going to tell me that "we can't admit you to the NYC campus, but we can send you to the all-girls campus in Tarrytown and you can transfer junior year to the NYC campus" and that my friend had decided to head down to DC.

Years went by, I went to college in CT, to be as close to both home city and dream city as possible. I enjoyed myself, got a job in home city, but never lost my dream of being in NYC.

The opening for me came a year ago when I was laid off from my previous job in home city and that's when I knew. I have to make my dream a reality.

I may not be living the "glamorous," glittery, fun, stay-up-all-night life, but I'm doing my best. I mean, I did recently go to a club at 11pm on a Tuesday night. In my "work-until-the-work-is-done" life, that's unheard of. So, I had to take advantage.

Aside from the movie and series being about New York City (and life inside it) it's about friendships. I can tell you, every time I hear Miranda say "Go Get Our Girl" to Big on the last episode- I CRY! There are SO many times I cry during the show (just even when they have their lunches) because their relationships are so strong. It makes me thank God that I have the lovely ladies in my life- both in home city and dream city.

xoxo I love you girls. Ya'll know who you are.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let me tell you a little something...

About a great photographer friend of mine.

This is a little bit of her work:

Her name is Brooke and she has recently made her dream of becoming a photographer a reality. On her site, you can see the amazing snapshots-in-time that she's taken. The adult portraits totally illuminate the subject's personality. She also takes baby portraits that are both, adorable and stunning, and wedding photos that capture the beautiful moments magically.

Beautiful inside and out, Brooke's most recent blog post inspired me to write about her today. Her post was about springtime and how she bought her first French Vanilla Iced Coffee, which I thought was great because that's also my favorite, but then reading through I read an amazing line. "I smile this morning because I am soooo living the life I’ve always imagined."

How awesome is that? How many of us, in our 20s, are lucky enough to be able to say that? She's an amazing girl, friend, and photographer. Her photography says so much about her as a person that I won't get into it aside from saying this:

If you happen to be in the Boston or CT area, book her for your next occasion: you won't regret it.

Brooke Allison Photography site:
Brooke Allison Photography blog:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Romeo, Juliet, and Facebook.

One of my favorites. Actually, it's the one Shakespeare play I've read more than once. Everyone knows the story of Romeo & Juliet, so I'm not going to get into that.

But, the picture above, as clever as it is, shows the hybrid of Facebook/technology of today with classic relationships.

As such, Facebook adds on a totally different component of relationships. Some might agree, some of you might disagree with me.

Long gone are the days of smiling at your crush in the cafeteria during lunch. For now, there are text messages that 12 year olds are sending across the lunchroom. Sending love letters have been replaced with sending emails. Blind dates are still the same, but rather, the two are meeting not because friends have set them up, but through an internet site.

It seems as though Facebook and the internet have removed all romance from relationships and pending-relationships.

Problem is: Romeo and Juliet's relationship is still complicated. The real-life outside world doesn't change (quickly or as drastically) and adapt to the Facebook world.

Some girls still like to get phone calls instead of texts. But, I think that ALL girls like to see that the guy is trying OUTSIDE of just sitting at his computer GChatting a girl or BBMing her on the subway.

He thinks, "Do I IM her, GChat her, BBM, text, Facebook message, Facebook chat, poke, wink her?"

In high school, I thought that Romeo was the guy I was looking for.

But, now that I know he's on Facebook, I've lost all hope.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring time= Revamping

This chick has some updates on her way, just for you, my favorite people!

A few weeks ago, I had this article up to inform everyone about the Giveaways that Bloggy Blog Designz were giving away. WELL...

I won one!

So, that means that in just a few short weeks, you, my awesome readers, will be reading my blog articles on a way cooler-designed page than the current, default one that Blogger provided me.

I'm really excited about this update, because, well, being at a digital agency and being the, self-proclaimed, "most uncool person at the agency" I decided that I needed to up the ante and get myself a respectful blog page.

I mean, look at my co-workers' pages:

Yes, I know- some of them aren't actually blogs, but rather awesome music or sports sites, but still- They're filled with great material, lain out in cool formats, and so I think my ticket to becoming cooler at work is to have a blog that has a great design.

If any of you read this, now you know how I feel :)
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