Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Favorite Online Things This Week

Below is a list of the very best Internet offerings this week. They may not have launched this week, but I came across them this week and laughed my toochus* off.
*I'm also not Jewish and don't know how to spell Jewish terms, so I'm sorry if that's not how to spell toochus (pronounced: took-us.)

1. Danielle Staub and the Ron-Ron Wannabes "Singing" and "Dancing" on Pix 11

2. Spike Can Dance. I'm not sure if anyone's met Spike, yet, that is. Unless you're a dude who obsesses over Barstool Sports or follow my posts on Facebook on my friend's walls- chances are you haven't met him. Meet him and his lovely dog Sheryl. She is my roommates and I's favorite pet. We may steal her. Spike, if you lose Sheryl, fear not. She's in good hands.*Can you spot Sheryl?*

3. The I love everything about this website. The pictures, the drawings, the banter, the topics, the comments- EVERYTHING. I especially liked this article about The Rage Kittens.

4. I've been doing alot of fall-preview-wishlist-shopping and my first official purchase will be made during Fashion's Night Out in NYC. The night is Sept 10 and I can't wait! The Gloss (naturally) explains why we all venture out to the stores, clawing our manicured nails through the crowds of fabulous people and wannabe fabulous people (I'm in that crowd... admittedly.) I'd add to this list: to see celebrities.

So kids, that's what the Internet has given me to give to you this week. I think I might make this a weekly thing if you like it. Let me know in my comments section and I'll continue these types of posts or not- depending on your thoughts.

*NOTE: Spike has multiple videos. I suggest you watch some of them. Most notably "Justin Bieber" and "She Wolf."

Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh and WHILE we're at it...

I've discovered that I NEED a Jim Hjelm wedding gown.

And yes, yes, I know. I'm not even close to having my own wedding. And yes, yes, I know, too, that Jim Hjelm wedding gowns run over $2K. But I can't help it! I just LOVEEE this dress!

* NOTE: If you know me in real life, please don't purchase this dress. I have it on hold at Kleinfelds for my future TBD wedding, so I win. ;)

33 Days til Wedding!

NOT mine! In case you haven't seen my past blog entries, my friend is getting married in 33 days and I have to:
1. Lose 6-10 lbs
2. Buy a dress!
I'm not going to look into purchasing a dress for another 3-4 weeks, until the first point has been checked off, so I have some time to look into what I want to wear.

(I'm sure all the guys have stopped reading by this point, so I'll say...) As WOMEN, I'm sure you know the problems that I'm facing:
Trendy or Classic
Fall Color or Summer Color (it is the beginning of the fall, after all)
How much $ is too much?
And how much more use will I get out of this? (Facebook pictures last a long time.)
What is sexy but appropriate for a wedding?
So, based on my points above, what do you think about the following?

Friday, August 20, 2010

What I'm Needing...

As a girl living and working in New York City, you have to look the part. That includes:
Getting your hair done
Keeping neat, manicured fingernails (and toenails in the summertime)
Having nice jewelry (whether it be trendy or classic)
Wearing nice clothes (whether they be trendy or classic)
And my favorites...
Carrying a spectacular bag
Walking in amazing shoes
Now that it's another season change it's also... ANOTHER CLOTHING AND ACCESSORY CHANGE!

Here are the two things that I'm most excited to purchase:

1. New Coach Mia Carryall in Olive
2. Steven by Steve Madden Sabra Boots in Taupe Lea

Both of which will be swimmingly gorgeous with black tights, a mini skirt, and chunky sweater.

I think it's obvious by now... but... I can't wait for fall.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

You know what they say...

When one door closes, another one opens.

I'm hoping that happens, but I think I'm past-due to just hang out and wait in the parlor room for a little bit before the next door swings open.(my parlor, but picture it with the pretty, yellow doors closed.)

I don't want another door to open too soon after the last door shut on me. I'd rather spend some time chilling out, reading some magazines, waiting for the owner of the door to invite me in. :)

So, that's my plan. I know I had said that I won't wear my headphones while I read on the subway, but you know what? I just downloaded some new good songs and I want to listen to them whenever I want! I decided that I don't need anyone right now.

Matter of fact, I don't even want anyone right now. So, if Mr. Perfect walks into my car on the 6, then so be it. He's going to have to wait before I'm ready to leave my parlor room.

It's high time that I do my own thing and partake in my own life alone. I'm not inviting anyone into my parlor. There may be some windows that open up, and I may take a peek in here and there. I'm not closing anyone or any possibility out. I just have to take some time for me now :)


Sunday, August 8, 2010

An amazing inspiration found...

at a drag queen show.

It's true. You never know when (or where) life is going to hand you something that you'll take with you everywhere, forever.

A few days ago, I saw on my new friend, R's, wall "It's My Day!" I wondered why she had a whole day dedicated to her, and I knew it wasn't her birthday. She's a friend of the bride (who I spoke about in the last post,) so I knew I'd see her this last weekend and I could ask her about her day then.

As we're sipping Drag Queen-served mini Cosmopolitans, a friend next to me congratulates her for having passed another "R Day." I asked R, "why do you have a whole day dedicated in your honor?"
"I'm a leukemia survivor."
I began to tear up, because before I even asked, I had a gut feeling that was the reason why she had a whole day for herself. She told me NOT to cry because she's been in remission and healthy for the approx 4 years.

After telling me the whole story: (mind you, there are drag queens taking our orders for dinner throughout all of this) she was diagnosed on her 21st birthday, spent that summer in the hospital going through chemo, the Mayor of her town dedicated an entire day in August to "R," went through a breakup with a boyfriend, lost her hair, and then...her brother's marrow was tested and had her exact bone marrow match. He's 5 years younger than her.

I started tearing up again. This time, because I told her that God put him, and his perfect bone marrow, in her family and life because God had that plan for her. R has been healthy ever since her little brother gave her a piece of him.

Now, to see this 25 year old girl dancing around with an X-rated straw (courtesy of the bridesmaids, naturally) in her mini Cosmo, and chatting it up with La-Diva the Spanish Drag Queen, you'd never think that she had gone through Hell and back.

She says that though she isn't one of those survivors who takes "every day by the balls" and lives up every single moment, she greatly appreciates her life and is very happy that she is where she is now. She says that if she has a lazy Sunday and wants to watch TV all day, she does it. If she wants to go out and have an all-night dance fest with her friends and come in at 4am, she does it. In other words... she's a regular, brilliant, beautiful, amazingly bold 25-year-old girl.

She truly is an absolute inspiration to me and every other girl at that table that night.

...Even the ones with manly parts.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My 70th post!

Can you believe that? So, thank you to all my readers who've gotten this far with me! I've been blogging for just over "a year" (but it wasn't very consecutive, so I'm counting posts, rather than days.)

So, the topic of this post is going to be:
I'm going to my first bachelorette party this weekend!
Should my bride-to-be-friend be reading this, I won't share any details. But, I can say this: it's going to be F U N in N Y C!

I received her wedding invite in the mail 2 days ago, and I nearly teared up! I'm so happy for her and her fiancee that I could just pop with excitement for them! Their wedding will be my first wedding that I attend as a non-relative of the bride or groom, so it's even a special day for me :)

It's crazy to think about: now that all my older cousins are married, my friends are starting to get married! I can't believe we're growing up so quickly.

Cheers and happy days to the loving couple. I'll post pictures in September :)


Monday, August 2, 2010

My "this is why we're single" hypothesis

A few weeks ago, I started thinking about something. Now that we're on our own in a big city, wouldn't the chances of meeting someone be greater? A bigger pool of men and women to choose from?

No longer are we in our high school of just 1,000 people. No longer are we in our college of only 5,000 people. We're in a big city of over a million people. You'd think the chances would be larger, right? Wrong. At least, wrong as I see it.

And this is the problem:
We listen to our iPods and text while commuting.

I'm not joking. Think about it. While on the subway, we have our heads down texting, reading emails, reading articles on our iPhones, Blackberries, etc. Our eyes are not looking up towards the doors when they open- allowing our possible "significan* other" to waltz right in. We don't even see him or her, because we're so wrapped up in the technology.

ADD TO THAT, we're listening to Kings of Leon or Beyonce, so we can't even hear that person when he/she begins talking to us to tell us how much he/she likes our eyes or hair.

My new resolution is going to be: allow my ears and eyes to wander freely on the subway. Well, at least my ears. (I just started reading a Vonnegut book and really want to finish it.) I'm hoping that he will just walk right into my car on the 6 some morning or afternoon and my ears will be wide open for him to let me know how much he loves my hair.

I'll let you know how it goes...

* "Significan other" is a new phrase that I'm going to be using to refer to those previously called "significant others." We don't need to end the word with "cant," let's end the word positively, shall we? After all, this is supposed to be our "other half" and "life partner" and should be a GOOD thing, right?

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