Monday, October 4, 2010

Songs, September, Changes

As if you haven't been stalking my Facebook and don't already know how much I love Ray LaMontagne's Pandora station, I'm going to reiterate it now.

I love it...To the same extent that I love egg white and cheese sandwiches on a crisp autumn Saturday morning.

Listening to Adele, Citizen Cope, John Mayer, Amos Lee, Matt Nathanson, and Ray put me into a very romantic and nostalgic mood. I start to realize that although I may be living in New York City, I'm still not jaded from the emotions of love and missing home. (Gasp!)

After some time of not missing home, now, with the abundance of sultry, raspy voices coming from my computer speakers, I'm finding myself missing and thinking of home. It could also be the change of season, the sudden chill in the air (it always seems like fall comes overnight, amiright?) But waking up this weekend, I wished that I was going to my cousin's soccer game just a few streets away from my house. I miss having conversations in the morning with my mom on the back porch. I miss meeting up with my friends for pedicures or breakfasts with my sister and cousins.

I also love love this time of year (not that I ever dislove it...ha.) And though this is the first season change that I'm relying on only myself to laugh at my jokes, keep warm at night, and walk with around the city, I don't just love male-female love, I cherish being with friends, also.

Maybe it has something to do with the nostalgia of the excitement of going back to school, seeing friends during the football games, walking through The Pit in my pom-pon sneakers- but this time of year just screams "YAYY FOR FRIENDS!"

Now that I'm passed the "I'll meet you at Kelly's after the game" stage of life, I find myself smiling during other age-appropriate scenarios. This weekend, I visited the Standard Beer Garden with girlfriends and also to the Chelsea Market- both for the first time.

I think that fall also signifies a new, discovery period in your life. Call it "cliche," but I think it's true. From the time we were 4 or 5 years old heading to pre-K, September started an official new year. Yes, January is the real-life new year, but for a middle-schooler, the first day of school was (and still is) definitely the first day of the new year.

In that way, I try to explore new things. Such as the Beer Garden and the Chelsea Market. GRANTED, I understand that I'm talking about September, and it's October, but my point still stands (plus, September was still really hot and it feels like fall just started this past weekend...)

I challenge you to explore something new in your life this fall. Whether it be visiting somewhere you've never gone to before, getting yourself lost in your car or visiting somewhere in your own head that you've never ventured before.

Just DO IT.  
(My mom always says this and I swear even if Nike never coined that phrase, she'd take ownership of it.)

Friday, October 1, 2010

These are a few of my Favorite Things*

I often ask people "what is your favorite thing in the whole world?"

It's a loaded question. Much like when someone asks "can I have a fry?" They don't actually just want ONE. They want a couple. And, similarly, everyone has a couple of favorite things in the whole world.

Here is my list...
Ray LaMontagne Pandora Station
Family dinners at Nana and Grampy's
Receiving surprisingly great news
Finding wedding pictures on Facebook (it doesn't matter WHO got married. I just love love.)
Going to weddings!
Having a crush
Skinny days
French Fries dipped in Garlic Aioli sauce
Making clients and creatives happy over the SAME project
Listening to my favorite songs
The South of France
Daydreaming about my future
Appreciating beautiful photography
Watching little kids play and seeing the parents smile
Being on cloud 9

There are a ton more that I'm thinking about but I'm sure I'd just bore you!

What are your favorite things?
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