Friday, January 20, 2012

F-Off Friday

Yeah- I'm a week late for the Friday playlist. But, at least it's Friday- and I'm giving you a playlist. So what if it's late?! I'm always late... for everything... so you shouldn't be surprised that this is coming late, too. :)
This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the playlist, I just thought these babes were friggin' adorable.

Mouthwash- Kate Nash
This song is appropriate because Kate sings "I'm singing uh-oh on a Friday night... and I hope everything's gonna be alright." I'm not quite sure why she's worried about the evening, but it may have to do with her possibly swallowing the mouthwash she used...

Dickhead- Kate Nash
"I wish that you were more intelligent so you could see what you're doing is so shitty to me." #touche

Night Time- The Xx
This is because I know you're looking forward to the night time, so here's a song with the same name, by an amazing artist- known as The Xx. The whole album that this song comes from is awesome. I highly recommend listening to the whole thing over a bottle of wine/at work/on a Sunday/at night.

Who Knows Who Cares- Local Natives
Because who really knows what's going to happen this weekend? And who cares! Just go with it!

Shake Me Like a Monkey- Dave Matthews Band
"You and me, we go good together," Dave sings. Why don't you find someone you go good together with tonight?

Valerie- Amy Winehouse/Mark Ronson
This song deserves to be on every playlist, ever, because it's a swingin' fun time. If you're in a sour mood, it instantly helps you pop out of it. And the lyrics are awesome... and true. Anything by Amy is a winner in my book, and this is one of the top 5 best Amy songs, especially this version.

Turn Me On- David Guetta
Because this song IS AWESOME! It's the perfect Friday song... the beat is fast, so you practically dance out of your seat, and Nicki Minaj sings... and she's the perfect Friday artist. Simply fun, this song is awesome, and obviously- you're going out this weekend to find someone to turn you on. SO GO GET 'EM, TIGER!

Yeah- the list was a little... inconsistent, today. I'm totally aware of this. It's very reflective of my mood, and since this is my blog, I can do whatever I want.

p.s. check the URL, and save it. I got my own domain. #boom



Thursday, January 12, 2012

Soundtrack Thursday

I took some time to think about what to provide your ears with today that would thrill, delight, move, and maybe even bring you back to that one time in your life. What I decided was pretty awesome: best songs from awesome soundtracks.

Here we go!

The Shins- New Slang (Garden State)
Starting off kinda melancholy, but ever so real- I bring you New Slang. Garden State is one of my favorite movies (and the only movie in which I actually like Natalie Portman,) and gives us an amazing soundtrack filled with music that may or may not make you cry- depending on your current state of emotions or the weather today.

The Wannadies- You and Me (Romeo and Juliet)
This song is just SO much fun. It starts off pretty slowly and then ramps up as quickly as you realize how hot Romeo is (like KAPOW!) Outside of the fact that I'm pretty sure Romeo & Juliet is the reason why I live in an idealistic, romanticized version of "real life," (what can I say, I was very impressionable in the 6th grade,) the whole soundtrack (both of them) provides serious tunes that Kiss 108 never played, but should have. You'll love this song, and if you don't, well- I'm sorry you don't like good music.

Day O- Harry Belafonte (Beetlejuice)
Not purposely coinciding with yesterday's 80s playlist, but happily entering back into that decade, I've added this memorable song from Beetlejuice. Everyone remembers this part when Alec and Gina try to scare the pants off tween-Winona's family. It's SO hilarious that I'm happy YouTube has the whole clip available for our enjoyment. This lunch hour, kick back and let the jealous juices flow over you as you imagine Alec Baldwin being a ghost in your Connecticut household.

Harry Potter Theme Song (Harry Potter)
I'm including this in here because like HP's magic, it's already lunchtime(ish) on Thursday, and that means there's only 1.5 days left of the week. Additionally, it brings me back to a time in high school when I thought HP was for babies, then read the books, and then saw my first HP movie at the Reading IMAX with Laura and realized that HP was just right for me. P.S. why isn't Hogwarts real? Or maybe it is...

Dick Dale and His Del Tones - Miserlou (Pulp Fiction) 

Remember that time Black Eyed Peas ruined that Pulp Fiction song? Well, here's the original, to round out your Thursday playlists. This movie, I have to say, is part of the reason why I never did drugs. I have to thank my parents, mom and dad, for making sure that my 6th grade eyes saw that part where Uma Thurman nearly dies and needed a needle injected into her heart and becomes part-cat and lives a 2nd life. What this song will do for your Thursday is similar to that story: it will bring you back to life after your sandwich, salad, or Altoid hits your stomach and you're about to fall asleep.

You're welcome! 

Tomorrow's playlist is going to bring you back, and I know a few close friends Rachel Lear who will fall in love with it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WHAM- Wednesday!

Since I promised you a Wednesday playlist, here you go- I'm serving it up on a platter for you.

A platter made of crystal with a neon pink lining.

That's right. I'm talking in 80s terms. Terms that bring back the best of prep, (double popped collar whatwhat) and the best of music... or wait- was it THE WORST of music?

Well, it depends on who you speak to, but I for one am in love with 80s music. Preferably the 80s pop music. WHAM, Eddie Money, Duran Duran... I could go on, But instead... I'll provide you with a rad playlist to get your afternoon started...

Eddie Money- Two Tickets To Paradise
Everyone knows "Take Me Home Tonight," so feel free to listen to that diddy as well, but in reality- the best Eddie Money song for HUMP DAY is Two Tickets To Paradise. It gets you in that rockin' mood that you need to take you from Humpday to Friday. "I've waited so long... waited so long..." I mean- come on, this guy made this song for a Wednesday. We're patiently waiting for Friday to come along, and with that- paradise (the weekend.)

Steve Winwood- Higher Love
I melted some crayons in the plush cushions of my mom's car's backseat way back when, and I'm near certain this song had something to do with it. I mean, I would get distracted from coloring in my book and sing this song at the top of my lungs when it came on the radio. It brings me back to teaching my sister how to resolve our arguments about how to close a Polly Pocket shell with words instead of teeth. It's perfect for a Wednesday because you can't forget about the "higher love" that will find you in just 2 days time... for that's when the weekend begins. Have faith, my 80s children...

George Michael- Faith
Bringing me to THIS! THIS is the best song of the 80s. No matter how often I go to the Canal Room and jam out to Don't Stop Believin'... this is my ultimate preference of songs from the neon decade. (It also reminds me of driving to Nana and Grampys when I was little. Clearly, Mom had a huge influence on my choice of 80s music preferences.) Leaving WHAM was a tragic decision that George Michael made, but I, for one, am thrilled that he did. I mean, he couldn't have pulled off the biker-chic in that boy band! I welcome your dangly cross-earring and motorcycle jacket, even if you've never touched a motorcycle, George. What this song means to you, reader, on this Wednesday, is to have FAITH that Friday is coming. It's going to come after today... and then after tomorrow... but after that- OH HAPPY DAY!

Duran Duran- RIO
Yeah, yeah- you probably expected Hungry Like The Wolf. I'm not taking anything away from that song, but this song... RIO, just helps you get through Wednesday a little bit more. It's like you're taking a trip to Brazil without having to wait in customs at the airport after paying $50 for your bags to get lost! Take my advice: head to Brazil via headphones so that you can imagine yourself more clearly dancing along the sand with Rio, herself.

Whitney Houston- So Emotional
Whitney starts the song out, "I don't know why I like you... I just do." Well, I know why we like you, Wednesday- it's because you're closer to Friday than Monday or Tuesday was. I think this is actually Whitney's best song from the 80s, because it's not as over-played as "How Will I Know," or "I Just Wanna Dance With Somebody." It's slightly forgotten, yet when it's played at the Joshua Tree around 3AM you can somehow sing all of the words without hesitation. Bring it back, Whit, BRING IT BACK!

There you go: the 5-song playlist to change your Wednesday afternoon from boring to totally radical, dude.

Enjoy. Only 2 more days of these... I already have my plan for Friday, but if you have any recommendations for Thursday- send 'em ovah.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Playlist- Hippity Hop

On this seasonally chilly January Tuesday, we're all back to the grind and facing our first full-week back from the annual separation of years, this time 2011 and 2012. (Luckily, we (well, some of us) have a short week next week to look forward to! WOO!)

But there is a lot of space to fill between today and Friday. I mean, there's the rest of the day today (Tuesday,) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday... geesh, 3.5 whole days.

I have developed some playlists for your days this week. Oh, haha, you don't have to THANK me! But, you're welcome :) You will find Tuesday's playlist below. I will be developing these daily for the rest of the week, so don't forget about me between Wed and Fri. And, as I do everything in my life, I'm saving the best for Friday is sure to be a doozy!

Tuesday: Rap/Hip-Hop
Jay-Z- Glory feat. B.I.C.
Of course this guy sets the record for having the youngest "featured" artist on a song... a minute-old infant. Whatever, Jay. So, to have a kick-ass Tuesday, how about you set a personal record for emailing the most people about the most things (work related or personal-you choose) and keep things moving along? Nothing keeps the week moving more than doing lots of work and getting everything off your plate so you can leave early.
Drake- Over My Dead Body
This is the first song on his new "Take Care" album. It's just one of the many awesome songs on it. In it, he raps that "jealousy is just love and hate at the same time," which is perfect for you today since you want to make people jealous of the fact that you're getting all your shit done and get to leave early to catch up on the last season of Dance Moms before the season premiere tonight.
Rihanna- Watch and Learn
The entire Talk That Talk album is OOC (out of control,) and SO good, so it was really tough just adding one song to the playlist. My recommendation is actually to listen to the entire album, because it's THAT good. I mean... it's just so good. This song, Watch and Learn... don't listen to it without head phones. It's not appropriate to be blasted on the speakers when your boss is next to you in her interim-cube that you're all in because your company is displaced (if you happen to be me.) It's a good song to take a mini-break to and just let your mind flow to wherever it happens to flow...
Beyonce- Party
Of course we couldn't feature Baby Blue, Jay, and NOT Mama Bear. I mean, she's my favorite person, ever, in real life or fake life. So, take a listen to this song because it will help your work day cruise by. It's a good song to jam to while you type up status documents, discuss conference reports, or strip (if that's your profession, I mean.)
Common- The Light
Aside from bringing you back to high school, this song is great for a couple reasons.
1. You can type to the beat. Common provides pretty dope beats. (Yes. I said that.)
2. It's easy to get learn the lyrics if you listen to it often enough. So, if you have to romance a coworker, this song provides you the lyrics to do so.
(After you're done with this song, listen to "UMC" which will move you from professing your love in the break room to break-dancing with your new love out of the office.)

There you go. Once you get started on these 5, the remainder of your day will fly by.

Enjoy! If you have any recommendations for Wed-Fri playlists, leave me a love note below!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

When Things Aren't in Our Control

We worry.

We lose sleep.

We get anxious.

We talk to people about what's on our mind. Thinking that may help get the issues off our chest.

We pray that all will move along in our favor.

I am a believer in God and it sometimes comforts me to know that He will take care of the things in my life that I'm not in control of. But, it certainly does NOT take away all the worry or the anxiety that I cause myself by going over and over the issues and the problems in my head. I try to hand them over to Him, but alas, I am human.

Lately, it really seems that everything I am struggling with is out of my control. The worst part is that I feel like there are bits of these issues that I can guide towards receiving a positive result, but I'm not in any control of the ending.

Because I'm a person who needs to know answers RIGHTHISSECOND, it's tough to have a half-solution and have to wait for someone else/something else/sometime else to find out the final solution.

I suppose this is an opportunity for me to just go with the flow and try to find more solace in God. I'm sure I can find alternative projects to busy myself with that will pass time until He finds solutions to these issues. (Like laundry or running... or writing...)

I am 99% sure things like these happen because God is just testing me. My patience, my trust in Him, my life decisions... The cynical New Yorker in me is just picturing God spinning a blindfolded Jesus around in a circle with the goal to "pin the ending" on these solutions for me.

Regardless, I'm just going to keep going with the flow, because, really, what else can I do when things are out of my control?

Oh, that's right. Listen to Pandora all day.

Thank God for life soundtracks.


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