Friday, February 26, 2010

It Just Creeps Me Out When...

Men have ONE long fingernail.

Case in point:

I was on the subway today, and there was an Asian man who walked on at 23rd street, stood in the doorway while people were loading on (not moving out of the way, mind you- the WORST!) and there it was. I looked up and saw it on his left hand, which was casually wrapped around the silver, germ-infested subway pole.

I gazed from his thumb to first finger, middle finger (which had a gold and turquoise ring on it,) to his third finger, and stopped breathing when my eyes reached his pinky. But somehow- I couldn't look away.

This nail was 3 times longer than the rest of his fingernails. It looked as if it was naturally french-manicured, with the peach-earthy tone working up to the semi-dirty beigey-white tip.

Seeing this creepy bodypart, I got to thinking: WHY do men do this? I have seen it before (and google images has also seen it before, as proven by the picture above) and just don't get it. Do they pick their nose with that finger? Are they doing drugs from in that nail? Why is it always the pinky? Does it get in the way when they text?

After appearing obviously disgusted, I returned back to my Candace Bushnell read to get my mind off of the dirty pinky that was looking at me across the subway car.

My memo to men who are thinking of continuing this trend of one long, pinky, fingernail: don't do it. It's nasty, tacky, and puts terrible, unnecessary questions in other peoples' minds.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Back!

So, it's been a very long 5 months of not updating my blog. I apologize profusely for this.

Since I've last blogged, I have:
1. Moved from midtown to upper east
2. Took a business trip to Sweden, for a total of 17 days

3. Enjoyed Thanksgiving with my bfs family AND saw the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade!
4. Enjoyed a second Thanksgiving with my family
5. Returned BACK to Sweden for a final 10 days
6. Fell in love with Swedish meatballs and lingon berries, and especially kenelbulle (pictured with me below) and saw way too many museums

7. Hosted first guests in the new apartment
8. Enjoyed my first Christmas at Rockefeller Center

9. Journeyed home for Christmas Day
10. Celebrated New Years in my apartment with my friends

11. Began 2010 with lots of resolutions (it's now the end of February, and most of them have died.)
12. Was finally diagnosed with a food allergy (eosiniphilic esophagitis, if you wanted to know --EE for short.)I will probably blog about how impossible it is to go out to eat or drink while figuring out what's causing the allergy... lucky you!
13. Discovered
14. AND here we are: so far, 2010 hasn't been a great year- but it's been good enough. I still have enough time to get those resolutions back up (the gym and saving more money)

I will end on this note:
A Loss to Fashion and Lady Gaga herself...

(Sorry to end on a sad note, but I had to acknowledge the legend that was and forever will be, as he did create those amazing lobster shoes.)
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