Friday, September 28, 2012


My company had our annual Foundation Day yesterday. Foundation Day is when my company requests it's employees to take time away from work (during work hours) to volunteer.

We went to the Food Bank of NY, which is located in the Bronx. We organized and boxed 22,000 lbs of frozen hams which will be delivered to the food banks agencies and will help 9,000 families.

After Foundation Day, the agency puts together a Happy Hour at a local bar. I haven't had a drink in 2 weeks (not even wine at dinner- WHAT?! I know.) I'm feeling really good, and just would rather water lately.

However, I really wanted to end Foundation Day on a positive note with my coworkers. I'm on a new team now and wanted to get to know more people around my cube's location. So, I decided to attend the Happy Hour.

It started at 5:40 and was going until 7:40. I was really enjoying myself (I had a PERFECT, SEATED spot next to the chicken fingers, wings, and had a place for my bag.) It was pretty awesome, as far as happy hour plus' go.

I ordered a Stella, and after 3 sips, noticed that I was FULL. Luckily, since my body hasn't been enjoying the poison, I was good with just one.

But, I really just didn't want to run the 6 miles on my schedule. I was capable of it, I mean, it was only 1 beer, but I just didn't have it in me. After standing all day, moving 45 lb boxes of frozen hams from one side of a room to the other, the last thing I wanted to do was run 6 miles.

So, I didn't run.


I started berating myself, but I remembered: Earlier this week, I had received a really inspiring email from another member of Team Tuesday. He's run 3 marathons and he told me that sticking to a schedule doesn't take into account real life happenings. Such as: happy hours with coworkers, and putting a strict schedule on yourself (but mostly, when you can't adhere to that schedule) can cause undue mental stress.

So, I decided that I'd hang out (until 7:15, I'm such an old lady!) and then head home and run this morning.

And that I did. I finished 6 miles this morning. My legs survived, and my mind even told me I could have kept going, but I really had to get ready for work.

I don't feel bad that I didn't run last night since I got the miles in this morning. I have to run 13 tomorrow, so now I'm just nervous my legs will be tired half way through that run.

Let's hope that won't be true. And let's hope that my wearing 5" platform heels all day today/tonight won't hurt my run tomorrow morning, too.



Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Maybe You Haven't Heard the News...

I'm not even going to apologize for not writing in over 6 months. As you can tell by my history of writing entries, and then not, and then writing and apologizing, it's just a common thing for me to get caught up in real-life and not blog about it.

However, to catch you up quickly...
  • I moved off one account at work, and am now working on three new accounts. My new accounts are totally different than what I've been working on for nearly 2 years, so I'm excited for the new challenges and opportunities.
  • I turned 27, and even though it wasn't spent on a cruise with my entire family, like it was last year, I had a wonderful dinner with the most wonderful man and then came home to the best (surprise) decorations anyone could ask for- done by the one and only best sister on Earth. (See proof below.)

  • Three of my best friends got married to their soul mates, and all my guyfriends, girlfriends and I got down and dirty enjoying ourselves while celebrating our friends and their new husbands. 

Those happened, amongst a whole summer of travelling to Martha's Vineyard, the Hamptons, my Hometown, and spending a great deal of time on my bike, and at the beach getting tan (which my dermatologist yelled at me for!)

But the last bullet is something I never planned for...

  • I signed up for the NYC ING Marathon... and got in. 
That said, I started training about 10 weeks later than trainers say to, but have to pat myself on the back for the work I've done thus far (and honestly, if you know me, you know I don't pat myself on the back alot- well, seriously anyway.) I did the math, and at the end of September for the 30 days of this month, I'll have run 104 miles (though it should have been more, according to some training guides, but whatever.)

I have 39 days left to train= 146 miles to run. (That doesn't include the 26 miles I have to run DURING the Marathon, either.)

This was as unplanned in my 27th year as is snow in July in Arizona.

I don't stick to workout activities...
  • I tried belly dancing, (I mean, HELLO, I love Shakira!) but after the 6-weeks of the gym-hosted class were over, I didn't want to pay for it elsewhere. 
  • I tried Zumba, had fun, then just stopped. 
  • I do yoga on and off, but not as on as I did in 2008 (my arms have never looked as good as they did then!) 
  • I pole danced (at a GYM!) a couple times, but mostly because I wanted to be part of that sisterhood known as "stripping," without the actual stripping part. Also because I could wear platform shoes and get a workout in without being at a club. 
I have never been "athletic." I was put on the 4th grade softball team in 6th grade (I quit right after I found that out.) I was told "thanks, but no," when I tried out for tennis freshman year in high school. I never even looked trying out for field hockey, soccer, or any other sport because I knew it- I was a dancer. Not, an "athlete."

Now, dancer friends, I'm not saying dancing isn't "athletic," because I know it is. But, it's also an art (I mean, my sister did get her BFA with a concentration in performing arts/dance,) so that's where I'm putting it for lack of a better space.

I'll always be a dancer. I'll never be an athlete. That's what I told myself for 27 years. And I was comfortable with it. I thought the treadmill was just there to help people lose weight (or attempt to, in my case for the last 10 years.) I thought I'd just look like a fool if I tried to do anything with my body that I hadn't already done before. So, running? PSSHAW, are you kidding? My heart rate definitely doesn't belong being that fast. Unless someone is chasing me, no way. That's what I said to myself.

I did EVERYTHING I could to NOT run "the mile," in middle and high school. I remember running around the crappy track in middle school- where small pebble rocks would jump into my socks. I absolutely hated every second of running, so when I was given the opportunity to be a Gym Leader junior and senior years of high school (I refed the freshman and sophomore gym class games, etc.) where as a "reward," I didn't have to run "the mile," of course, I TOOK IT.

Then, in 2009 I started running outside because it was a cheap version of the weight-loss machine known as the treadmill. My friends, Lindsay and Brooke, were running a half marathon, and I joined them on one of the "long runs," (which I never really understood what that was until recently.) I managed to get through 8 miles (right?) out of 10, in the blistering heat. But, I did it. I was kind of amazed at myself.

It was at that time that I started running, really without realizing it.

I moved to New York and saw Central Park as the biggest challenge my waist would ever face, and woke up various warm mornings to run through it. I never really felt the need to run more than 3.5, except for the rare days I ran 4.5 miles. But, I got a group of my friends together 2011 to run 5 miles on Thanksgiving day. We all got through it, and were given pies as a reward! We saw it as an opportunity to eat whatever we wanted on the dinner table (err, dessert table for me.)

In January 2012, I was sent an email from a lead of the Friends of St. Jude, who was asking if anyone on the committee wanted to run in the NYC Half Marathon. Without thinking (typical) I sent an email saying "YES, I'll DO IT!" and next I knew... I was training to run 13.1 miles.

This is me just after mile 7...
Go me! (I did finish, by the way.)
I thought about running more half-marathons after that, but never did any. I ran a 10K race in Central Park, and had my sister there to cheer me on. But, again- that's where my running-thoughts stopped.
She really is the best cheerleader.
That is...until mid summer, when my uncle asked me if I wanted to run the NY Marathon this year. I never thought about it until he had asked me. He had run the last Chicago and Boston Marathons, and was possibly going to run the NYC as well.

Throughout my early professional years when in Boston, we'd get Marathon Monday off, I'd just watch the runners in a buzzed-awe while at the window of a bar on Boylston St. I never thought about all the training they went through, the personal challenge they were committed to that day, the amount of miles they had already run that day before I saw them at the near-finish line. It was just a day off for me.

In New York, the same thing went through my head. Of course, it wasn't a day off (it's on a Sunday,) but I preferred sitting on the sidelines with a beer in my hand and then celebrate friends of friends after they came into the bar with their medal later that day.

I started casually (3 miles here, 4 miles there, a whole 8 at one point) training for the Marathon before I knew I was going to run it. I didn't think I'd get a bib number, so I didn't really try that hard. And then when I was notified by a charity I requested a number from that I was actually able to run with them- I was in complete shock. I registered and then saw this on the screen...
Holy SH!T! This is HAPPENING!
So, here I am. I'm running with an amazing charity called Tuesday's Children. Their cause raises money for the families of 9/11 victims. They've since opened their cause to raise money for families who have lost loved ones due to terrorist attacks throughout the world. It's a charity that is so close to B, that it's close to me, as well.

I wasn't going to blog about my running, because there are a million bloggers out there who do that, but the more I was talking to my friend, Katie, this morning, the more I thought... I'm not a typical runner. 

I still don't even consider myself a runner, so maybe people might actually want to read what I have to say. I'm not coming from the traditional background of other bloggers- I'm not running to lose a significant amount of weight. I'm not running in memory of someone. I'm not running because I absolutely love it (believe it or not.) I'm running because I signed up for a Marathon and have to train for it now.

I mean, really. I'm hoping to fall head over heels for it and run more Marathons after this, but I can't say that's a goal for me right now. So, I'm going to blog about the rest of the 39 days of training, and maybe along the way I'll discover other reasons why I'm running. 

Here goes nothing! 

Also, if you want to help me raise money to hit my $3,000 goal (all of which goes to Tuesday's Children,) please donate here:


Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Werds.

I spelled it like that on purpose. I'm mixing up "words" and "nerds," since sometimes I consider myself a "nerd" about "words."

Do you ever feel a connection with a word? I'm not talking like "Oh my brother's name is Curtis, too!" I'm talking about passion for a word/some words that would describe who you are/what you do/who you've become/where you live.

For instance, I feel incredibly passionate about the following words, and anytime I hear them, I feel this overwhelming sense of love, pride, hope, and peace- especially if they're referencing something about my own life or someone I know's life.
  • Dancing
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Quinnipiac
  • New York
  • Boston
  • Dream
It may have something to do with the fact that I love the English language. Don't fight me on this, I know it's not a beautiful, "Romantic" language, but it's (obviously) familiar to me, and there are SO many words that I learn (thank you Words with Friends and Scramble with Friends) daily that I try to implement into my vocabulary. (But inevitably I forget and am reminded when someone uses the word "ilk" in a meeting, and I slump back into my seat and feel sad for my brain for not challenging it more.)

But, I think it also has to do with the fact that the words, themselves, are familiar to me. And to an extent: they define me and who I am.

For all my life, I've connected with the word "dancing." I'm assuming that if my mother had put me in gymnastics training instead of dance classes at age 3, I'd have no connection to the word dancing, and the active verb in the list above wouldn't be dancing, it'd be gymnastics. But, from ages 3-21 it was a priority. I'd go to school, then I'd go to dance class. As I got older, I'd go to school, then I'd stay at school and dance for my high school dance team, then I'd go to dance class after that. On the weekends, I'd have dance competitions and football games to dance in. In college, I was part of the dance team and I met my best friends through... you can guess: dancing. We had this activity in common, and it was more than just a sport to us: it was our every day passion.

Similarly: I've been in advertising for 5 years. I see the word spelled out and it gives me a sense of satisfaction, one that I can only describe as "Yeah- I'm a Mad Man, jealous? And no, I don't drink that much- but I want to." I'm happy with my chosen profession. I'm good at it, and it's a fun arena in which to work.

I think Public Relations is on there because that was my major in college. For 4 years, I was breathing those words to my parents, professors, friends, strangers- and it became synonymous with my college life- even though it plays 0 roles in my life today.

Quinnipiac is on there, but for a larger reason. A sense of pride overwhelms me when I see the name of my alma mater anywhere- but not because I lived there for 4 years (I mean, Connecticut isn't on this list,) but because I met great friends there, enjoyed amazing study abroad experiences through the school, met phenomenal professors, and laughed my way through 4 quick years, which, had I gone anywhere else, may not have happened.

I think Boston and New York are on there for obvious reasons: my past (probable future) and my present locations. Fortunately, for a non-sports-obsessed-person like me, I'm able to enjoy both cities and have enough room for both in my heart. (Phew!)

Dream is also on the list. I wasn't going to go in depth with this word, since it's so general that I'm sure alot of people feel the same way as I do about it. But, the more I think about it- the more I realize that I'm living my dream, and that's special to me. I'm living the life I had planned for myself. I'm in my 20s in New York City working in advertising. I've worked damn hard to get here, and now that I'm here, I have to work on more dreams for myself- ones that I'll make a reality.

So- there you have it. A list of some words that define me and who I am, and what I love.

Am I crazy to have a list of words that I see/hear and get all excited about? Do you have a similar list?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Month?!

I can't believe it's been a month since my last post. I'm sure you've all been clicking into my blog from your "favorites" menu bar, wondering what the heck happened to that nutty New York chick.

Well- for starters...

1. Work has been insane. Good insane, but insane nonetheless. We actually just launched some Speed Stick videos on YouTube... so if you're an 18-34 year old male who needs antiperspirant/deodorant, or a girl who wants to hear what ACTUALLY goes on his dudes' heads in certain situations... check them out!

2. Half Marathon Training! As some of you kids know, I'm running the NYC Half Marathon with the St. Jude Heroes team, and I couldn't be happier about this decision. For starters:

- All the money donated goes to the St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, and as you know, that's near and dear to my heart- being on the Friends of St. Jude NYC Committee.
- Let's be serious: my calves and legs are getting super toned and that's perfect timing for spring (skirts/no tights- woo woo.)
- I'm working out/running because I HAVE to, which makes it a "duh" decision at the end of the day
- I can kinda eat whatever I want and because I'm burning 400-800 calories a day (on days I run,) I'm not gaining anything. I've actually lost a solid 5 lbs and have kept it off for over a month. (HURRAY!)
- PARTY TIME afterwards!
- Oh yeah, and the feeling of accomplishment I'll have after running 13.1 miles (and the ROUTE?! SO amazing! Central Park/Times Square/West Side Highway/South St. Seaport... I mean come on... so awesome.)

Also- if you haven't donated already, please do help (even $5 helps!)

3. Friends Visiting and Typical NYC Living. My friend, Katie, was visiting from Kansas City for the better part of the last month. My coworkers and I pulled her leg easily convinced her, whilst on a business trip to KC ourselves, that she simply HAD to come to NYC to help us with the insanity (see number 1.)

She was here for work (we are coworkers,) but staying with me and our other coworker/friend. We tried our hardest to show her the best NYC experience- from going out at night to eating fun dinners, enjoying drinks, and I even took her to see SNL when I was able to score tickets from their open lottery I applied to last August (#WIN.)
Obviously, she had to experience a fish bowl at Brother Jimmys.

My cousin, Lindsey, came down this past weekend (her first time out and about in NYC!) and I showed her Times Square & Macy's. We had drinks with friends, and went to a special someone's birthday dinner/party until 3AM (undoubtedly one of the longest nights of her life!) She had a blast and I'm hoping she'll come down again when the weather is nicer and there's a ton more things to do in the city. Sister, Maddie, Gillie- if you're reading this, plan a weekend you can all come down and we can have a girls weekend :)

The theme of the party was "Lumberjack Chic," hence the plaid.

So, there you have it. There's been a lot going on this last month. I'm hoping to stock up on some good topics for the next few weeks to write to you about. Most notably:
- MBA (Mission Basically Adult)
- My Favorite Thought Catalog Blogs
- Typical Goings On of a 26 Year Old Chick in NYC during Spring 2012 (which I'm SURE will be your fave.)



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What If...

What if that decision you made to move to New York 3 years ago, you actually hadn't done, and decided to move to LA instead? What would you be doing right now?

How different would your life be? Would you have the same friends that you do now?

To think about it more...realistically...

What if... instead of taking the train to work today (as you usually do,) you chose to walk because it's a spring-like day. You bump into an old coworker taking the corner on 57th and Park who tells you that she just got a new job at Pinterest and you should definitely join her there because you were so good at managing your own social media pages during work that you should just get paid for it. You go to current job, think about it, and then apply for the job when you get home that night. Two weeks later, you're starting at Pinterest as their new client manager. 

All because you walked to work that one day.

But, think about it. One small change to your day to day life impacted your whole professional life.

I've been thinking about this "What If" theory for a couple days and am now consciously trying to make day to day decisions based on the potential outcome.

Which then gets me thinking... Am I also fighting fate with my thinking? As you know, I'm a Catholic girl so I leave my every day life and outcomes up to God. But free-will is largely involved every day decision making, obviously.

What if I go out one night with friends and meet the man of my dreams? Alternatively, what if that same night, I had chosen to stay in and watch a movie? If THAT dream-man is the person that God assigns me to for the rest of my life- did I miss my chance of meeting him, or will there be another situation where we get to meet?

Obviously, there aren't any real answers to these "What If" questions. But, I suppose that's the agony joy of life. Living every day by making decisions (whether they be planned or off-the-cuff,) and the subsequent outcome of those decisions.

Now you have something to consider next time your friends offer up a night out when you really just want your couch and a glass of wine.



Friday, January 20, 2012

F-Off Friday

Yeah- I'm a week late for the Friday playlist. But, at least it's Friday- and I'm giving you a playlist. So what if it's late?! I'm always late... for everything... so you shouldn't be surprised that this is coming late, too. :)
This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the playlist, I just thought these babes were friggin' adorable.

Mouthwash- Kate Nash
This song is appropriate because Kate sings "I'm singing uh-oh on a Friday night... and I hope everything's gonna be alright." I'm not quite sure why she's worried about the evening, but it may have to do with her possibly swallowing the mouthwash she used...

Dickhead- Kate Nash
"I wish that you were more intelligent so you could see what you're doing is so shitty to me." #touche

Night Time- The Xx
This is because I know you're looking forward to the night time, so here's a song with the same name, by an amazing artist- known as The Xx. The whole album that this song comes from is awesome. I highly recommend listening to the whole thing over a bottle of wine/at work/on a Sunday/at night.

Who Knows Who Cares- Local Natives
Because who really knows what's going to happen this weekend? And who cares! Just go with it!

Shake Me Like a Monkey- Dave Matthews Band
"You and me, we go good together," Dave sings. Why don't you find someone you go good together with tonight?

Valerie- Amy Winehouse/Mark Ronson
This song deserves to be on every playlist, ever, because it's a swingin' fun time. If you're in a sour mood, it instantly helps you pop out of it. And the lyrics are awesome... and true. Anything by Amy is a winner in my book, and this is one of the top 5 best Amy songs, especially this version.

Turn Me On- David Guetta
Because this song IS AWESOME! It's the perfect Friday song... the beat is fast, so you practically dance out of your seat, and Nicki Minaj sings... and she's the perfect Friday artist. Simply fun, this song is awesome, and obviously- you're going out this weekend to find someone to turn you on. SO GO GET 'EM, TIGER!

Yeah- the list was a little... inconsistent, today. I'm totally aware of this. It's very reflective of my mood, and since this is my blog, I can do whatever I want.

p.s. check the URL, and save it. I got my own domain. #boom



Thursday, January 12, 2012

Soundtrack Thursday

I took some time to think about what to provide your ears with today that would thrill, delight, move, and maybe even bring you back to that one time in your life. What I decided was pretty awesome: best songs from awesome soundtracks.

Here we go!

The Shins- New Slang (Garden State)
Starting off kinda melancholy, but ever so real- I bring you New Slang. Garden State is one of my favorite movies (and the only movie in which I actually like Natalie Portman,) and gives us an amazing soundtrack filled with music that may or may not make you cry- depending on your current state of emotions or the weather today.

The Wannadies- You and Me (Romeo and Juliet)
This song is just SO much fun. It starts off pretty slowly and then ramps up as quickly as you realize how hot Romeo is (like KAPOW!) Outside of the fact that I'm pretty sure Romeo & Juliet is the reason why I live in an idealistic, romanticized version of "real life," (what can I say, I was very impressionable in the 6th grade,) the whole soundtrack (both of them) provides serious tunes that Kiss 108 never played, but should have. You'll love this song, and if you don't, well- I'm sorry you don't like good music.

Day O- Harry Belafonte (Beetlejuice)
Not purposely coinciding with yesterday's 80s playlist, but happily entering back into that decade, I've added this memorable song from Beetlejuice. Everyone remembers this part when Alec and Gina try to scare the pants off tween-Winona's family. It's SO hilarious that I'm happy YouTube has the whole clip available for our enjoyment. This lunch hour, kick back and let the jealous juices flow over you as you imagine Alec Baldwin being a ghost in your Connecticut household.

Harry Potter Theme Song (Harry Potter)
I'm including this in here because like HP's magic, it's already lunchtime(ish) on Thursday, and that means there's only 1.5 days left of the week. Additionally, it brings me back to a time in high school when I thought HP was for babies, then read the books, and then saw my first HP movie at the Reading IMAX with Laura and realized that HP was just right for me. P.S. why isn't Hogwarts real? Or maybe it is...

Dick Dale and His Del Tones - Miserlou (Pulp Fiction) 

Remember that time Black Eyed Peas ruined that Pulp Fiction song? Well, here's the original, to round out your Thursday playlists. This movie, I have to say, is part of the reason why I never did drugs. I have to thank my parents, mom and dad, for making sure that my 6th grade eyes saw that part where Uma Thurman nearly dies and needed a needle injected into her heart and becomes part-cat and lives a 2nd life. What this song will do for your Thursday is similar to that story: it will bring you back to life after your sandwich, salad, or Altoid hits your stomach and you're about to fall asleep.

You're welcome! 

Tomorrow's playlist is going to bring you back, and I know a few close friends Rachel Lear who will fall in love with it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WHAM- Wednesday!

Since I promised you a Wednesday playlist, here you go- I'm serving it up on a platter for you.

A platter made of crystal with a neon pink lining.

That's right. I'm talking in 80s terms. Terms that bring back the best of prep, (double popped collar whatwhat) and the best of music... or wait- was it THE WORST of music?

Well, it depends on who you speak to, but I for one am in love with 80s music. Preferably the 80s pop music. WHAM, Eddie Money, Duran Duran... I could go on, But instead... I'll provide you with a rad playlist to get your afternoon started...

Eddie Money- Two Tickets To Paradise
Everyone knows "Take Me Home Tonight," so feel free to listen to that diddy as well, but in reality- the best Eddie Money song for HUMP DAY is Two Tickets To Paradise. It gets you in that rockin' mood that you need to take you from Humpday to Friday. "I've waited so long... waited so long..." I mean- come on, this guy made this song for a Wednesday. We're patiently waiting for Friday to come along, and with that- paradise (the weekend.)

Steve Winwood- Higher Love
I melted some crayons in the plush cushions of my mom's car's backseat way back when, and I'm near certain this song had something to do with it. I mean, I would get distracted from coloring in my book and sing this song at the top of my lungs when it came on the radio. It brings me back to teaching my sister how to resolve our arguments about how to close a Polly Pocket shell with words instead of teeth. It's perfect for a Wednesday because you can't forget about the "higher love" that will find you in just 2 days time... for that's when the weekend begins. Have faith, my 80s children...

George Michael- Faith
Bringing me to THIS! THIS is the best song of the 80s. No matter how often I go to the Canal Room and jam out to Don't Stop Believin'... this is my ultimate preference of songs from the neon decade. (It also reminds me of driving to Nana and Grampys when I was little. Clearly, Mom had a huge influence on my choice of 80s music preferences.) Leaving WHAM was a tragic decision that George Michael made, but I, for one, am thrilled that he did. I mean, he couldn't have pulled off the biker-chic in that boy band! I welcome your dangly cross-earring and motorcycle jacket, even if you've never touched a motorcycle, George. What this song means to you, reader, on this Wednesday, is to have FAITH that Friday is coming. It's going to come after today... and then after tomorrow... but after that- OH HAPPY DAY!

Duran Duran- RIO
Yeah, yeah- you probably expected Hungry Like The Wolf. I'm not taking anything away from that song, but this song... RIO, just helps you get through Wednesday a little bit more. It's like you're taking a trip to Brazil without having to wait in customs at the airport after paying $50 for your bags to get lost! Take my advice: head to Brazil via headphones so that you can imagine yourself more clearly dancing along the sand with Rio, herself.

Whitney Houston- So Emotional
Whitney starts the song out, "I don't know why I like you... I just do." Well, I know why we like you, Wednesday- it's because you're closer to Friday than Monday or Tuesday was. I think this is actually Whitney's best song from the 80s, because it's not as over-played as "How Will I Know," or "I Just Wanna Dance With Somebody." It's slightly forgotten, yet when it's played at the Joshua Tree around 3AM you can somehow sing all of the words without hesitation. Bring it back, Whit, BRING IT BACK!

There you go: the 5-song playlist to change your Wednesday afternoon from boring to totally radical, dude.

Enjoy. Only 2 more days of these... I already have my plan for Friday, but if you have any recommendations for Thursday- send 'em ovah.


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