Monday, October 4, 2010

Songs, September, Changes

As if you haven't been stalking my Facebook and don't already know how much I love Ray LaMontagne's Pandora station, I'm going to reiterate it now.

I love it...To the same extent that I love egg white and cheese sandwiches on a crisp autumn Saturday morning.

Listening to Adele, Citizen Cope, John Mayer, Amos Lee, Matt Nathanson, and Ray put me into a very romantic and nostalgic mood. I start to realize that although I may be living in New York City, I'm still not jaded from the emotions of love and missing home. (Gasp!)

After some time of not missing home, now, with the abundance of sultry, raspy voices coming from my computer speakers, I'm finding myself missing and thinking of home. It could also be the change of season, the sudden chill in the air (it always seems like fall comes overnight, amiright?) But waking up this weekend, I wished that I was going to my cousin's soccer game just a few streets away from my house. I miss having conversations in the morning with my mom on the back porch. I miss meeting up with my friends for pedicures or breakfasts with my sister and cousins.

I also love love this time of year (not that I ever dislove it...ha.) And though this is the first season change that I'm relying on only myself to laugh at my jokes, keep warm at night, and walk with around the city, I don't just love male-female love, I cherish being with friends, also.

Maybe it has something to do with the nostalgia of the excitement of going back to school, seeing friends during the football games, walking through The Pit in my pom-pon sneakers- but this time of year just screams "YAYY FOR FRIENDS!"

Now that I'm passed the "I'll meet you at Kelly's after the game" stage of life, I find myself smiling during other age-appropriate scenarios. This weekend, I visited the Standard Beer Garden with girlfriends and also to the Chelsea Market- both for the first time.

I think that fall also signifies a new, discovery period in your life. Call it "cliche," but I think it's true. From the time we were 4 or 5 years old heading to pre-K, September started an official new year. Yes, January is the real-life new year, but for a middle-schooler, the first day of school was (and still is) definitely the first day of the new year.

In that way, I try to explore new things. Such as the Beer Garden and the Chelsea Market. GRANTED, I understand that I'm talking about September, and it's October, but my point still stands (plus, September was still really hot and it feels like fall just started this past weekend...)

I challenge you to explore something new in your life this fall. Whether it be visiting somewhere you've never gone to before, getting yourself lost in your car or visiting somewhere in your own head that you've never ventured before.

Just DO IT.  
(My mom always says this and I swear even if Nike never coined that phrase, she'd take ownership of it.)

Friday, October 1, 2010

These are a few of my Favorite Things*

I often ask people "what is your favorite thing in the whole world?"

It's a loaded question. Much like when someone asks "can I have a fry?" They don't actually just want ONE. They want a couple. And, similarly, everyone has a couple of favorite things in the whole world.

Here is my list...
Ray LaMontagne Pandora Station
Family dinners at Nana and Grampy's
Receiving surprisingly great news
Finding wedding pictures on Facebook (it doesn't matter WHO got married. I just love love.)
Going to weddings!
Having a crush
Skinny days
French Fries dipped in Garlic Aioli sauce
Making clients and creatives happy over the SAME project
Listening to my favorite songs
The South of France
Daydreaming about my future
Appreciating beautiful photography
Watching little kids play and seeing the parents smile
Being on cloud 9

There are a ton more that I'm thinking about but I'm sure I'd just bore you!

What are your favorite things?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

25 and Eternally Hopeful

This post is not meant to sound "sad" or "melancholy" by any means. It's a reflection of the slight downside of being in your mid-20s when you have the entire world in front of you. The options are endless and the overwhelming nature of them sometimes feels heavy. Otherwise, it's freaking awesome.

The girls and guys I know in this situation (yes, I'm calling it a "situation") are either new to the single world or in relationships where "everyone" around them is getting hitched.

For the singles: We've had long-ish-term boyfriends who they either thought they were going to marry or felt that they were on that path, but have recently found themselves without automatic dates to movies and paying for their own dinners.

For us, we're told by so many women who've gone through this stage to "live it up! You're only single in your mid-20s once!"

But, what are we supposed to "live up?"
Going out to bars on a Thurs-Sat (and Sunday Fundays) to receive free drinks?
Nights out with girlfriends without thinking about guys?
Movie nights with wine, popcorn and no cares in the world?

Those things:
1. Never happen
2. Can happen even with boyfriends

It's true, some girls prefer to be single and don't care about being in a relationship. But, I can tell you for my friends and I- that isn't the case. We like having someone hold our hands crossing a busy street, buy us drinks at a bar without the intention of getting us drunk, even the simple assurance of a "how's your day" text.

I'm sure everyone in this situation has seen the amount of Facebook relationships that have recently changed to "engaged" or "married to." As happy as I am for everyone who is going through preparations for weddings and the ceremony itself, there's just a small piece of me that's a wee-bit jealous that they get to do it now.

However, that jealousy is NOT just left for the 25 and single gals.

For the relationshippers: I have some friends who are ready for that stage, but their boyfriends aren't. After having conversations with them, I understand that's just as tough to deal with.

Having a boyfriend (or in some cases girlfriend) who isn't on the same timeline as you puts a strain on things. It's nothing against the guys who are or aren't ready for their personal reasons. It's nothing against the girls who are or aren't ready for their personal reasons. Having that eternal hope makes the relationship progress in a healthier way, but it could give the couple some challenges to face.

After telling my mom (for the 3rd time this week) that someone else is newly engaged, she got all hopeful-mom-of-single-girl-like and said,
"They're still young. You never know what could happen with their relationship, like anyone's relationship, really."
It suddenly hit me that, we aren't that young. We are young on a scale of 1-100yrs, yes. But when it comes to getting married, these kids are doing it "the right way."
1. HS
2. college
3. real-life job for a couple yrs
4. natural next step is marriage.

We're in our mid-twenties and this rotation of life changes isn't going to stop any time soon.

A couple years ago when I started seeing these updates on Facebook, my friends and I would send each other emails stating the news. It was a fun game to see who was getting married next or who's having babies. We were genuinely happy, but also confused. "Why would anyone get married at 22?" Back then, it seemed like my mom's stance of "they're still young" stood hard.

Now, at 25, it's not confusing anymore. It's life and it's very overwhelming. It's also everything I've ever wanted. I'm healthy, 25 living in Manhattan, working in Manhattan, making friends and having no real issues in my life. I have a great job and volunteer for an amazing organization, and am so close to getting my words published. On the upside, things are great. I'm going to start concentrating on that from now on. :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Francis and The Lights

So, heroes and heroines of Summer 2010, I'm going to introduce you to the greatest band since... well, I'm not sure what, but a great band nonetheless.

Francis and the Lights

I know. He looks all Edward Scissorhands-meets-Session 9, but the music that Francis Farewell Starlite and his band of fellow Wesleyan-ites make is better than Postal Service.

As I said when I blogged about La Roux, (back before Bulletproof was in the clubs playing second to "I Can't Be Tamed") I'm not a music critic. I merely give my opinion based on the limited knowledge of musical bands and education I have.

"Brittney, how did you find out about these awesome (yet slightly creepy) guys?"
you ask?

I went to the MGMT concert in August and Franky opened for the teen-loving electro-band. We may have been two of the oldest attendees there (who weren't chaperoning) but finding Francis and the Lights made my night.

Not only do the keyboard skills far outweigh mine in 1988, but Franky's dance skills are amazing! He's got these crazy legs that remind of rubber bands.


Take a listen here:
For Days
Knees to the Floor (this one's stuck in my head as I type)

And watch here:
Darling, It's Alright

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Favorite Online Things This Week

Below is a list of the very best Internet offerings this week. They may not have launched this week, but I came across them this week and laughed my toochus* off.
*I'm also not Jewish and don't know how to spell Jewish terms, so I'm sorry if that's not how to spell toochus (pronounced: took-us.)

1. Danielle Staub and the Ron-Ron Wannabes "Singing" and "Dancing" on Pix 11

2. Spike Can Dance. I'm not sure if anyone's met Spike, yet, that is. Unless you're a dude who obsesses over Barstool Sports or follow my posts on Facebook on my friend's walls- chances are you haven't met him. Meet him and his lovely dog Sheryl. She is my roommates and I's favorite pet. We may steal her. Spike, if you lose Sheryl, fear not. She's in good hands.*Can you spot Sheryl?*

3. The I love everything about this website. The pictures, the drawings, the banter, the topics, the comments- EVERYTHING. I especially liked this article about The Rage Kittens.

4. I've been doing alot of fall-preview-wishlist-shopping and my first official purchase will be made during Fashion's Night Out in NYC. The night is Sept 10 and I can't wait! The Gloss (naturally) explains why we all venture out to the stores, clawing our manicured nails through the crowds of fabulous people and wannabe fabulous people (I'm in that crowd... admittedly.) I'd add to this list: to see celebrities.

So kids, that's what the Internet has given me to give to you this week. I think I might make this a weekly thing if you like it. Let me know in my comments section and I'll continue these types of posts or not- depending on your thoughts.

*NOTE: Spike has multiple videos. I suggest you watch some of them. Most notably "Justin Bieber" and "She Wolf."

Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh and WHILE we're at it...

I've discovered that I NEED a Jim Hjelm wedding gown.

And yes, yes, I know. I'm not even close to having my own wedding. And yes, yes, I know, too, that Jim Hjelm wedding gowns run over $2K. But I can't help it! I just LOVEEE this dress!

* NOTE: If you know me in real life, please don't purchase this dress. I have it on hold at Kleinfelds for my future TBD wedding, so I win. ;)

33 Days til Wedding!

NOT mine! In case you haven't seen my past blog entries, my friend is getting married in 33 days and I have to:
1. Lose 6-10 lbs
2. Buy a dress!
I'm not going to look into purchasing a dress for another 3-4 weeks, until the first point has been checked off, so I have some time to look into what I want to wear.

(I'm sure all the guys have stopped reading by this point, so I'll say...) As WOMEN, I'm sure you know the problems that I'm facing:
Trendy or Classic
Fall Color or Summer Color (it is the beginning of the fall, after all)
How much $ is too much?
And how much more use will I get out of this? (Facebook pictures last a long time.)
What is sexy but appropriate for a wedding?
So, based on my points above, what do you think about the following?

Friday, August 20, 2010

What I'm Needing...

As a girl living and working in New York City, you have to look the part. That includes:
Getting your hair done
Keeping neat, manicured fingernails (and toenails in the summertime)
Having nice jewelry (whether it be trendy or classic)
Wearing nice clothes (whether they be trendy or classic)
And my favorites...
Carrying a spectacular bag
Walking in amazing shoes
Now that it's another season change it's also... ANOTHER CLOTHING AND ACCESSORY CHANGE!

Here are the two things that I'm most excited to purchase:

1. New Coach Mia Carryall in Olive
2. Steven by Steve Madden Sabra Boots in Taupe Lea

Both of which will be swimmingly gorgeous with black tights, a mini skirt, and chunky sweater.

I think it's obvious by now... but... I can't wait for fall.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

You know what they say...

When one door closes, another one opens.

I'm hoping that happens, but I think I'm past-due to just hang out and wait in the parlor room for a little bit before the next door swings open.(my parlor, but picture it with the pretty, yellow doors closed.)

I don't want another door to open too soon after the last door shut on me. I'd rather spend some time chilling out, reading some magazines, waiting for the owner of the door to invite me in. :)

So, that's my plan. I know I had said that I won't wear my headphones while I read on the subway, but you know what? I just downloaded some new good songs and I want to listen to them whenever I want! I decided that I don't need anyone right now.

Matter of fact, I don't even want anyone right now. So, if Mr. Perfect walks into my car on the 6, then so be it. He's going to have to wait before I'm ready to leave my parlor room.

It's high time that I do my own thing and partake in my own life alone. I'm not inviting anyone into my parlor. There may be some windows that open up, and I may take a peek in here and there. I'm not closing anyone or any possibility out. I just have to take some time for me now :)


Sunday, August 8, 2010

An amazing inspiration found...

at a drag queen show.

It's true. You never know when (or where) life is going to hand you something that you'll take with you everywhere, forever.

A few days ago, I saw on my new friend, R's, wall "It's My Day!" I wondered why she had a whole day dedicated to her, and I knew it wasn't her birthday. She's a friend of the bride (who I spoke about in the last post,) so I knew I'd see her this last weekend and I could ask her about her day then.

As we're sipping Drag Queen-served mini Cosmopolitans, a friend next to me congratulates her for having passed another "R Day." I asked R, "why do you have a whole day dedicated in your honor?"
"I'm a leukemia survivor."
I began to tear up, because before I even asked, I had a gut feeling that was the reason why she had a whole day for herself. She told me NOT to cry because she's been in remission and healthy for the approx 4 years.

After telling me the whole story: (mind you, there are drag queens taking our orders for dinner throughout all of this) she was diagnosed on her 21st birthday, spent that summer in the hospital going through chemo, the Mayor of her town dedicated an entire day in August to "R," went through a breakup with a boyfriend, lost her hair, and then...her brother's marrow was tested and had her exact bone marrow match. He's 5 years younger than her.

I started tearing up again. This time, because I told her that God put him, and his perfect bone marrow, in her family and life because God had that plan for her. R has been healthy ever since her little brother gave her a piece of him.

Now, to see this 25 year old girl dancing around with an X-rated straw (courtesy of the bridesmaids, naturally) in her mini Cosmo, and chatting it up with La-Diva the Spanish Drag Queen, you'd never think that she had gone through Hell and back.

She says that though she isn't one of those survivors who takes "every day by the balls" and lives up every single moment, she greatly appreciates her life and is very happy that she is where she is now. She says that if she has a lazy Sunday and wants to watch TV all day, she does it. If she wants to go out and have an all-night dance fest with her friends and come in at 4am, she does it. In other words... she's a regular, brilliant, beautiful, amazingly bold 25-year-old girl.

She truly is an absolute inspiration to me and every other girl at that table that night.

...Even the ones with manly parts.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My 70th post!

Can you believe that? So, thank you to all my readers who've gotten this far with me! I've been blogging for just over "a year" (but it wasn't very consecutive, so I'm counting posts, rather than days.)

So, the topic of this post is going to be:
I'm going to my first bachelorette party this weekend!
Should my bride-to-be-friend be reading this, I won't share any details. But, I can say this: it's going to be F U N in N Y C!

I received her wedding invite in the mail 2 days ago, and I nearly teared up! I'm so happy for her and her fiancee that I could just pop with excitement for them! Their wedding will be my first wedding that I attend as a non-relative of the bride or groom, so it's even a special day for me :)

It's crazy to think about: now that all my older cousins are married, my friends are starting to get married! I can't believe we're growing up so quickly.

Cheers and happy days to the loving couple. I'll post pictures in September :)


Monday, August 2, 2010

My "this is why we're single" hypothesis

A few weeks ago, I started thinking about something. Now that we're on our own in a big city, wouldn't the chances of meeting someone be greater? A bigger pool of men and women to choose from?

No longer are we in our high school of just 1,000 people. No longer are we in our college of only 5,000 people. We're in a big city of over a million people. You'd think the chances would be larger, right? Wrong. At least, wrong as I see it.

And this is the problem:
We listen to our iPods and text while commuting.

I'm not joking. Think about it. While on the subway, we have our heads down texting, reading emails, reading articles on our iPhones, Blackberries, etc. Our eyes are not looking up towards the doors when they open- allowing our possible "significan* other" to waltz right in. We don't even see him or her, because we're so wrapped up in the technology.

ADD TO THAT, we're listening to Kings of Leon or Beyonce, so we can't even hear that person when he/she begins talking to us to tell us how much he/she likes our eyes or hair.

My new resolution is going to be: allow my ears and eyes to wander freely on the subway. Well, at least my ears. (I just started reading a Vonnegut book and really want to finish it.) I'm hoping that he will just walk right into my car on the 6 some morning or afternoon and my ears will be wide open for him to let me know how much he loves my hair.

I'll let you know how it goes...

* "Significan other" is a new phrase that I'm going to be using to refer to those previously called "significant others." We don't need to end the word with "cant," let's end the word positively, shall we? After all, this is supposed to be our "other half" and "life partner" and should be a GOOD thing, right?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Motivation= Lacking

Help me. Someone, please help me.

I'm trying to get back on the work-out wagon, and ain't. nothin'. workin'.

A few weeks back, I was able to wake up few times a week at 6:30/45 and run for a half hour/45 mins around my bit of the city. Then the next week came, and I did yoga and Pilates a few days after work at my gym. "Great! I'm on a roll!" I thought. "Two WHOLE weeks!"

Then came this past weekend. Birthday weekend= Birthday drinks. Birthday food. Parents paying for a big dinner. Friday and Monday off... now it's nearly Thursday and I just came back from the gym and barely broke a sweat for my 30 mins of cardio.

I have no motivation!

You'd think as a single girl living in NYC, just hitting 25, I'd WANT to look like my sveltest self. Unfortunately, I don't feel like it matters what I look like.

I don't mean that in a "I should love myself no matter what I look like" way. I mean it in a "I feel and look like shitake, but for some reason, I don't care" way.

It isn't a "rut," because I'm pretty happy lately. It's just that I'd rather sit on the couch after an 11-12 hour work day, or sleep in that extra half hour than MOVE my body.

WHAT can I do to stop this from happening to me? Anyone? Please?


Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthday HAIR

For those who didn't see me on my birthday or aren't my friend on Facebook to see the pics, here is what the "Heidi Hair" wound up looking like...

I had gone to the beach earlier on Saturday but put curlers in my hair before I went out at night. The curls weren't as pretty or as shiny as Heidi's, but I'm going to just admit it: I have curly/wavy hair. I can't pretend that I have straight, Barbie hair. It won't ever be shiny, frizz-free, gorgeous movie-star waves. Just as we hardly ever see Taylor Swift or Shakira with gorgeously shiny locks, I have to admit to myself that I will never see myself that way!

Not bad though... look at the cut now with natural curls... Mom thinks I should go shorter in the front... what do you think?
* p.s. this will be the last "hair" specific post. I know you don't just want to read about that. SO, what else do you want to read about? New York life? Advertising life? Dating (or lack thereof!) life? Subway stories?*

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Curly Girl vs. Straight Chick

So, I have a big celebration coming up. Well, it's not that big... but it's still a celebration, so planning is involved. One of those planning aspects!

I'm getting it cut and colored (still blonde, duh) on Friday. The celebration is on Saturday. I have the option of keeping it straight for the party on Saturday, or I can make it curly again... but I really don't want to. After spending (and my other curly girls can attest to this) a lot of money on getting it professionally blown out (not Keratin/Japanese straightened,) in NYC, the last thing I want to do is wash it the next day. Plus, it's SO soft and fun to have your hair a different way! If I could/had patience, I'd straighten it every day.

So, I will leave it up to you (not the final decision) to give me your opinion on what you think I should do. Again, this is a special day, and I'm so used to my curls that I'm bored with them. Turning 25 doesn't happen more than once! A special look is necessary.

Below, take a look at me with curls, me with straight hair, and what I want my hair to look like on Saturday (a bit of a mix...and not that blonde!) What do you think?

* Note, this is not a promotion for Heidi Montag. I think she's absolutely nuts, but am glad she is separated from her crystal-baring, nude-colored-beareded husband. I just like her hair in this picture. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Top 12 Bucket List

Ever realize you need something to live for? That's kinda where I'm at right now. I'm just living my life, day by day, with no real goals and dreams in mind. Every goal I've ever had, I've already met.
1. Get a great job after college
2. Move to New York
3. Live on my own
4. Be 100% independent (and aside from my cell phone plan, I am)
...And I'm not even 25. That's awesomely amazing, but I forgot to add more goals and dreams once I crossed off 1-4.

To combat this, I've developed the following idea:
Top 12 Things to Do Before I'm 30

Now, before I get into the details of the 12 things, this is how I'm narrowing them down...

It's about me. At nearly 25 (my birthday is on Saturday,) I'm realizing that I can't depend on anyone else for my own happiness. Happiness and fulfillment are created within our own selves. I know, it seems like it's obvious. But, KNOWING it and REALIZING it are 2 very different things.

For all of my adult life, 10 years, I'd say- I've had boyfriends, who were also my best friends. Now that I'm going into my 6th month without any prospects in the immediate, or general, future, I'm re-thinking things. I won't call it "finding myself," because I'm not lost. But, I am growing up. And in this process, I've decided that I need some goals to hit. They'll keep me on my toes, in a good way, as well as keep my life exciting and help me mature in a direction that I'd look back at my mid-20s life and say "wow, I had a pretty amazing time."

In the next 5 years, I will...

12. Travel more than 700 miles (within one trip) alone
11. Visit Ellis Island to look into my family's histories
10. Go on trips with my best friend and sister
9. Increase my net worth by 925%
8. Get promoted/become account supervisor by mid-2011
7. Visit my family at least once a month
6. Be 10 lbs lighter, consistently for more than 1 year
5. Dedicate more of my personal time to helping others (St. Judes, or raising money for cancer cures)
4. KNOW what I'm allergic to, finally!
3. Finish Atlas Shrugged and move onto The Fountainhead
2. Treat my family to an expensive dinner, even paying for the wine- not on credit
1. Buy myself a Louis Vuitton or pair of Christian Louboutins

These aren't in any particular order, and I'm certain that I will add/delete to this list between now and when I'm 30... but for right now, this seems like a list of to-do's that I can actually attain. Some of them should lead into a new list that I'd make when I'm 30 for what I want to do before I'm 35 or 40. Such as: Increasing my net worth should lead into a condo purchase. I know that probably won't be something that I can manage on my own in the next 5 years, however, I'd love to be in a place to add that as lucky number 13.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? :)


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Great New Music Site

Happy Tuesday!

So, I noticed that my favorite band (Led Zeppelin) was a Trending Topic on Twitter. I didn't know why, so I clicked in to see what was up. I didn't get an answer, but I did find someone who linked to a music website that is going to change my daily listening-to-music-at-work routine.

The site is this: Stereo Mood

What it does is make music playlists based off a mood that you select on the site's home page. If you're feeling: "happy," "sad," "lost in thoughts," "let's party," "road trip," or even "it's raining," you have a multitude of songs to listen to at your disposal.

You can create your own profile, and add songs to your own playlists, and you can even upload your MP3s to the website (as it seems pretty "new" and "indie" and may not have all your favorite artists.)

I highly recommend it if you're getting sick of your iTunes and Pandora's mysterious "what's the next song going to be" program.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Guy Smell= Heaven

Those Old Spice ads kill me. Years ago, while working on one brand who was a competitor of Old Spice, I was trained to not like the ads and ignore them, yet figure out and understand how they got to the essence of guys so perfectly.

NOW that I'm not on that brand anymore, I can yell from the rooftops how awesome the spots are.

Case in point:

The great part about these ads is that they do exactly what everyone's taught in marketing 101: market to women if you're trying to sell a man's product. Women do the household shopping for commodities. And... these Old Spice ads are aimed towards these exact women.

The man on a horse (or in this ad, in a boat) is simply reminding women that they probably want their men to smell like men... rather than women. DUH!

I'm sure I can speak for many girls out there when I say: how a guy smells instantly makes or breaks what could or would never happen.

So, all you men out there (specifically, the single ones in NYC,) take note from this guy in the boat. Your chick (or potential, if, again, you're single) will so much more appreciate you if you smell like a man, rather than rose-petal, lavender mint.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Things are starting to go awry!

Just a slight follow up from the blog of a few days ago...

Things were going well in those few areas of my life I was referring to... and then my mouth begins to just flap on and on and on and the fantastic facets of my life begin to swirl away into the hot, New York air.

I'll keep you up to date... but, again, if you have any ideas and tactics to keep a girl's head on straight... Send them ovah my way.

Cell in the City

So, my dearest chicadees... I follow Mid Town Girl on Twitter and often read her blog at MidTownGirl. For my Boston loves, don't fret- this application relates to you as well :)

One of her newest posts is very perfect for those of us in the dating, taxi-hailing, and "I have too many key cards for multiple pharmacies and gyms" game. Phone applications that aren't just time-sucks, but HELP a lady's life out in many ways.

Although I don't have the Droid, I'm thinking about making the switch, come October...(when my pink Black Berry will meet it's demise and Verizon allows me to change phones for little or no dollars.) And knowing that these applications exist for the Droid makes me very excited to get it!

Also, check her out and follow her on Twitter. She's super cute and smart, and knows her way around dating and dating clothing styles... and what girl can't appreciate that knowledge?


Friday, July 2, 2010

Without getting into too much detail...

You know when you feel that something is going so right that you're afraid it's going to suddenly come to a screeching halt and all will go awry?

I'm feeling that way about some things right now. Nothing I'll go into detail about on a blog (I am, semi-unfortunately, not anonymous) but there are some things in a couple aspects of my life that seem like they're picking up steam and moving in a good direction.

My question is this, without knowing the full background stories: how do I keep up this momentum? Prayer is helping a little bit, but what can I do on my own?

On a separate note, I won an award!!

Bree over at Simply.Girly. gave me the "You're Going Places, Baby" award! Thanks so much, Bree! Her blog is super cute, go check it out!

The rules of this award are this: Describe where I think I will be in 10 years and pass the fun along to 10 other bloggers...

In 10 years...
I will be nearly 35 and hopefully excited to turn the big 4-0. (Background: I've always thought my 40s will be my "golden years" as in, I'll be hot.) I will have finally visited Nice again, seen more of Italy, and traveled to Greece and California for the first times. I will be married with 2-4 children. My career will be flexible enough so that I can raise my 2-4 children while working at home. I will also own a Louis Vuitton and maybe a couple pairs of Louboutins. :)

There you have it! My life (seems simple looking at it from the "future" perspective!) in 10 years. I'm now passing this award onto the following 5 people (10 is just too much!):

C. Marie at Klazane
Russ at Russ Thoughts
Allie at Stella Booms

Enjoy the awards kids! You're GOING PLACES!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Top 3 Reasons...

Here are the Top 3 Reasons... why the 1st "Willy Wonka" is better than the 2nd "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

So that everyone knows I'm aware: I know that the Johnny Depp version was NOT a revised version of the 1st. But everyone compares the two, so I'm going to, too.

3. Veruca Salt is way more spicy in Willy. Super obnoxious with sexy beach-hair and that obsession with the golden egg... she totally overpowers the chick in the "I match my mom" jump suit in Charlie.

2. That boat scene. You know which boat scene I'm talking about. The creepy one where Willy starts talking craziness and those pre-Avatar graphics of bugs chomping their eyeless faces on the walls of the tunnel scare the crap out of every viewer under 82 years old. THAT is serious stuff.

1. The Oompa Loompas are way better looking in Willy than in Charlie. That orange skin and snow-white brows? Brilliant makeup artistry. And a great use of wigs, as well. Green was a great choice.

There you have it. The Top 3 Reasons why Willy Wonka was way better than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Thoughts?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sox Nation vs. Yankee City

Thirsty for some good reading material? Well, if you're interested in comparisons between Boston and New York- you've come to the right place!

I posted a status the other day asking my FBook friends what they want to read about and the best option that was given to me (out of 3 and 2 of them weren't even legit...) was this:
Boston versus New York for a young professional - compare and contrast - nightlife, dating, careers, living, things to do, etc - which one is better overall and why?
Thank you Russ, for that lovely question. I will do my best to keep you readers entertained...

Topic 1:
*Nightlife*= NEW YORK

Due to the fact that trains run all the time (whether or not I chose to use them, other people do, so people are always coming and going- literally allowing the city to "never sleep",) cabs are never more than a 1 block-walk away from wherever you are, bars are open until 4AM at the earliest (and when you go OUT at 11:30pm, 4AM comes way sooner than you'd ever realize- especially with impromptu-at-bar-dance parties starting around 2AM,) and the amount of bars and clubs and lounges FAR outnumber the amount of Irish pubs and drunken students (combined) in Boston.

Topic 2:
*Dating*= TIE

After doing some dating in both cities, I think that the number of solid options of guys are BETTER and MORE in BOSTON. But, the options of what to do and where to go are BETTER and MORE in NEW YORK.

I'm used to dating Boston "types" of guys. The muscley-all-American, beer drinking, baseball hat, Polo shirt, Khaki-short, and sandals wearing type of guy. It doesn't seem like these guys exist in New York- at least I don't think I've seen them.

It seems like all the guys here are: not interested, gay, skinny, or in relationships. If you are a New York guy reading this, please do tell me why you're all seemingly like this.

Topic 3:
*Living*= BOSTON

This topic is tough. Obviously living on Manhattan in the middle of New York City is a dream come true and a tremendous accomplishment in my own life. However, when it comes down to cost, close-to-the-beach-ness, high way options, traffic- Boston wins. It's cheaper (SLIGHTLY) to live there/around it, anywhere you live in the city is close to the beach- even if it's just in Southie, highway options and traffic (for long-traveling purposes) is WAY easier to do in Boston than NYC (just the other day, going from 34th and 8th to the Bronx, en route to Boston, took 1 hour!)

Topic 4:
*Things to do*= NEW YORK

Granted, Boston has museums, parks, running paths, water sports, historical places to visit, etc. New York does too. And it seems like this city has way more of all of the above. The museums in New York are world-renowned, it has Central Park, running paths on the East River, Hudson River, in Central Park, and tons more locations, water sport options on the East River, Hudson River and again, in Central Park, historical places to visit.... well, I'm not sure about this in NYC because I don't care enough to visit them.

There you have it folks. I feel funny saying that NEW YORK wins, seeing as dating stinks here (and let's face it, that's a big part of a single, 20-something girl's life) but at the same time, the options of what to do, where to go, how to get places, what to eat are way more in Yankee City than in Red Sox Nation.

But, Boston has the best people. And, in that way- it's still home.

And home... is where the heart is.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Whip it Out Wednesday

If you were thinking something nasty, shame on you!

We are humans. We can't control everything- especially unfortunate occurrences that happen to us. I, however, have devised a plan to combat this.

Wear a fabulous outfit in the middle of the week. Pair it with shoes that you'd only break out on a Saturday night. If you're a dude, wear a suit and your favorite tie. Voila! Your mood is instantly perked (a little bit anyways.)

Today, my fabulous outfit includes: an olive green version of this dress and these strapping sandals.

What do you think of my new plan?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trendy on a Tuesday?

NOTE: This post isn't just about shoes. Guys, don't get fooled by the picture or title. Keep reading.

Waking up this morning to be at work for 8AM, between my snoozes, I'm trying to determine what I'm going to wear for the day. I lift my head up off the pillow to look through the open spot in my curtains: sunny, blue sky. AWESOME!

I came to this conclusion: I have a pair of strappy suede, turquoise, high heel sandals from Aldo that I bought 3 years ago and have never worn. They've been sitting in my closet at home-home forever. After visiting home-home this weekend, I decided "I'm GOING to wear these this year" and packed them to live in NYC with me.

So I am. Today. On a Tuesday.

Now, these awesome shoes may look a bit dressy or clubbish, but from what I've learned while working in Soho: anything goes. I felt a bit out-of-sorts where I live, as it's a pretty conservative section of the city. But, once I got off the subway in Soho, I was happy with my shoe-choice.

BUT before I got off the subway, something, or rather, someONE struck me. My choice of heels may be a bit off-kilter for a Tuesday, but I saw something else that was a nasty and terrible choice for a Tuesday.

Thick, black, chest hair. It was peeping out from under a white t-shirt worn beneath a popped-collar pink and blue plaid shirt. And, naturally, the offending party was wearing sunglasses. On the 6.

Now, I realize that chest hair is going to happen to some men. They can't hide it, especially in hot weather when shirt choices are minimal. (And in most cases, I like it, but this was extreme.)

But, in this case, it was out of control for a Tuesday. If he was headed to the Jersey Shore then the chest hair AND the sunglasses would have been more than appropriate. But, he was on the 6 (not the PATH) and it was 7:40AM and I just don't think that his goal for the day was to get a tan and fist pump.

Maybe I'm biased, though. Are strappy, flashy heels just as inappropriate for a Tuesday as exposed chest hair?

Friday, June 11, 2010


Just as I want to write about the new Jean Huggies ad, I find something more in need of my words.

On my fave website, I came across some pictures of a super skinny girl. I clicked the link that the picture came from and found myself on a Tumblr page of a girl who's aiming to get her weight down to the mid-90s. She's at 105lbs now.

She has a photo of her torso- her stomach is paper thin and ribs are very visible. The copy underneath reads "not enough ribs! never enough!" Enough IS enough.

I did what I thought I could to help (and because I couldn't just "x" out and head to bed like this was nothing) and wrote her a little note on her blog about how she doesn't have to do this to herself, as there isn't any such thing as a "perfect body." I wasn't the first person to have written anything like that, either.

On the footer of the page, you can see images linking to other "need to be skinny" blogs written by girls just like this one.

I guess being in my mid-20s now, hearing about anorexia and people dying to become this thin isn't something I hear about all the time anymore. After seeing this though, it's so very present in the lives of girls everywhere.

Some of these girls are literally CRYING out for help, too. One of the blogs that this girl links to included a letter to the blog readers explaining that she's been cutting herself because she's so unhappy. This specific girl is 5'4 and weighs 125lbs- and she's trying for 100lbs.

People wrote to her telling her to go to the doctors and get some help. And you know what, she did! I don't think this girl is on the road to recovery because of people writing to her on her blog, (if you looked in depth into her blog, there are other things going on with her,) but, it's so sad to re-realize that this is all still going on.

I don't know how I could help these girls, but I want to try- somehow.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello Everyone!

Well, it's nearly mid-June and I almost have time enough back in my life to blog again.

Just want to say hi now... and to tell you to stay on your toes! I'll be back again with a good blog soon!


Monday, April 19, 2010

I bet you didn't know...

That this is the one-and-only Famous Amos.

Yep! Like the Famous Amos cookies...

I always thought this was probably Famous Amos.

My... the things you learn on Unwrapped.

Happy Monday :) Now you have a little tid-bit to go home and tell your roommate or loved one.

Friday, April 16, 2010

This Week On The Internet- TWOTI

Favorite People! I've missed you. Welcome back.

I have a lot to say today, but nothing to write.

So, instead, I'm going to introduce you to TWOTI.

Yep, This Week On The Internet.

The PR chickies in my office make this every week (and have done so) for the last 35 weeks. These girls have an additional genome strand that allows them to find and detect all "soon-to-be-cool" things on the internet. They record this information in a blog, aptly named This Week On The Internet.

It's got a bunch of great, fun, useful, tools, tips, and bits of information and links that will, ultimately, make you way cooler in your knowledge of anything INTERNET.

Here's the link:

With that, I leave you with this precious little Chanel-hipster-in-training.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank You, Get Up Kids

Remember back to the time where your first boyfriend made you mixed tapes that allowed him to express his feelings through someone else's words? Yes, kiddies, I said TAPES. Back before burn-able CDs or even iPhod playlists.

Well, I was reminded about this time, tonight, while scanning through the newest iTunes albums available. The Get Up Kids have a new album out, and I was suddenly flashing back to 2000-2003 and thought, how did I manage to survive those years? I can probably vouch for most of us, we don't remember what we got on all our tests (there are a few scores that we can remember) and we don't remember all our teachers names (there are, again, a few key educators that we can remember) but we do remember everyone we dated or had super-crushes on.

Listening to music from our high school eras, I think, is the most fun (and sometimes roughest) way to flash back to old memories. Not that I want to recall all of them! [[I can say, honestly, that high school lasted 1.5 years too long for me.]]

But, just seeing The Get Up Kids name flash on the homepage of iTunes made me laugh and sneak into see their old albums to listen to what got me through my years... 10 years ago.

What band do you want to thank for getting you through those nutso times?

I'll leave you with this: I'll Catch You- Get Up Kids
...and this....

Happy 8th Grade Graduation, lovies! (Little did you know how the next 4 years would unfold... ha!) xoxo

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A night to remember

SIMPLY because there was so much hair.

To start off- my fabulous friend and I went to her see brother's band for a charity event at the Canal Room. Here is a photogograph of her brother singing his heart out in his band, Instant Classic:

It was so much fun! From when Instant Classic was on, singing their own music and also covering such fantastic bands like The Band, through the break between music acts (where Jackie and I had a CRAZY dance off to 80s Janet) we just all had such a blast.

THEN... the night really heated up. Rubix Kube, the BEST 80s cover band EVER, came on and let's just say, my voice is still's Tuesday.

We danced and sang to so many 80s songs that at one point, I looked around me and LITERALLY thought that I had gone back to pre-ME days when I wasn't even a thought in my parents minds. Yes, I'm a child of the 1980s, and am damn proud of it.

I'll just let the photographs tell the rest of the story...

AAAAAnd we're going back this weekend. YESSSS!
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