Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Help Kaci accept her sister's diploma!

Part of my morning routine is praying for my loved ones and for Layla Grace and checking up on her via her Twitter account.

Today, though, I found someone else who needs some prayers. On Layla Grace's account, she writes about a mom, Ann Vossekuil, who in 2007 lost a 15 year old daughter to ALL (Leukemia.) This year marks the year that Taylor Vossekuil would graduate from high school. To celebrate her life, Taylor's sister (Kaci) thought it would be great if she could walk across the graduation platform to receive her sister's diploma, as she can't do it from Heaven.

Unfortunately, the principal said this,
Ann, in the back of my mind I keep thinking that I don't want to take away from the other 240 graduates. I want to do enough to honor Taylor yet not so much that all of the focus is on her. This is, after all, their graduation too.

Because of this, Kaci has started a Facebook Group called Help me Accept My Sister's Dipoloma.

Being an older sister to, thankfully, a healthy younger sister, I understand the love that she has for her sister. I can't understand how she feels after losing a sister and hope to God that I never have to feel that, however, we can do our part by sending her principal an email hoping that he'd change his mind and she can walk for her sister, Taylor.

There are currently 981 people in the Facebook group and if it continues to grow and everyone sends a note to the principal then we can change his feelings on the matter.

His email address is this:


UPDATE SINCE POSTING THIS BLOG: The Principal relinquished! Kaci is able to walk for Taylor's diploma! It's amazing what a group of people set out for one goal can accomplish! I'm proud to have made a difference for this family, just by sending an email :)


  1. I think this marks the first time a Facebook group has actually accomplished something!

    Seriously, though, good to see the community rally to support their friend.

    Aaaaand you're followed :)

  2. Hey, just coming from 20SB Girl Club. I like your blog and want to give you this award cause you deserve It for your open heart :))

    Go & Take It:

    Have a wonderful and lovely end of the week!


    AgyTalks @

  3. I am so happy to hear that she is able to walk for her diploma! What good news. I think it is great that your blog is raising awareness to things that really matter... It is hard to come by these days. I will definitely be back soon!


    Hannah Katy

  4. I'm glad it all worked out for them!

  5. Thanks so much, everyone, for your comments! They all made my day!! I will read all your blogs and follow you as well :) Thanks for posting!! xoxo


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