Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Booked Myself a Sunny Vay-Cay

I'm heading out to the West Coast for the first time EVER! Yep, that's right. I will be a California newbie, if just for the 6 days I'm visiting.

My little sister lives out in the sunny state and she's so nicely offered me the other side of her air mattress. I couldn't be happier.  (That's the two of us on my 25th birthday, back when she was actually living with ME, so she totally owes me this fabulous trip.) :)

So this trip was booked at the end of last week in a very spontaneous move, so much so that I hadn't alerted my bosses of the days that I was planning on taking off- but that's OK. I received approval today. PHEW!

Now what? I plan my WEEK!

On the docket:

1. The BEACH. Sister lives near Santa Monica, so I'm presuming I'll take a trip to Santa Monica and to Venice Beach. You know, get my Romeo & Juliet action on. I'll be searching out traces of 16 year old Leo DeCap, definitely.
2. Hollywood Stars- human ones and ones in the cement
3. Beverly Hills houses- I plan on cruising in my rental Corolla in and around Beverly Hills in search for a gated community with a sleeping gate-keeper
4. Giggy- OF COURSE! I have to find this little nugget of joy before heading back to the east cost.

5. Scooting down to San Diego to visit my darlings from Hometown- Rachel and Rachel! I can't wait to see their shiny, Southern Californian faces!!
6. Seeing 2 other guy friends from home that I haven't seen in eons, as well as 3 friends from college who I haven't seen in a few years. They will be so excited to see me. I can feel it.

Outside of those 6 things... what should I plan on doing out there? I'll be with sister a lot of the time, until she goes to work or audition for something awesome or kicks me out of her face for being super excited about everything.... when that happens- what else should I plan on doing? Keeping in mind that traffic will take up 60% of my trip...

...and now starts the diet and workout plan... AHH! Less than 12 weeks away! Can't wait!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

How High is Too High?

As everyone knows, I'm a huge fan of fantastic shoes. I think they not only add inches to a lady's frame, but pairing them with an awesome outfit can really make you feel fabulous, from the inside out. (I even wrote about this back in June.)

Additionally, I LOVE high, high heels. My friends will tell you: I rarely wear heels that are less than 5 inches high. I think everything I own has a 1" platform and 5" heel. (I just bought these in the blue/turquoise color.)

But, I saw these new Louboutin's on TheGloss and started thinking: how high is TOO high?

Too high for:
- Keeping balance
- Knee/ankle health
- The office
- Short guys at bars (or even average height guys!)

And then I also thought... where's the line drawn between fabulous-shoe-lover and...looking like a street-corner worker or a stripper?

I'm assuming that as fabulous-shoe-lover heel heights are increasing by the quarter inch, so will those infamous lucite platforms worn by street-corner-workers and distasteful Halloween costumers.  It's only fair.

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mashable Teaches Me Things

This morning, the first thing I did when I got to work was look through some advertising websites to send some "cool, new" digital media updates to my clients. Maybe I was inspired by watching "The Social Network" last night, but mostly I think it was because I am working harder to becoming better at my job.

I've loved all the places I've worked- each for different reasons.
- My first job was awesome in that it was a fantastic place to start out in the advertising world.
- Next up, I headed to New York for my first "boutique" agency experience. I learned more than I could have ever hoped, and also went to Sweden for a month to work closer with our European clients.
- I ended my time at that agency in October, heading to my current agency on Madison Ave.

I went off on a baby tangent from what I was planning to chat to you about: Phones that will soon offer a FACEBOOK BUTTON! Not an application, not a "bookmark" inside the mobile web browser... I mean, as there's a "send" button on your phone, there will soon be a "Facebook" button on your phone too.

Got me thinking... I'm sure someone's going to put a Facebook button on TV clickers soon, since now Facebook is in cars, and on our phones, it might as well be on our televisions.

...But, what else could be as valuable as Facebook? Is there a next best thing on the horizon that I haven't caught onto yet? Is it special to one group of people now, as Facebook was once to Harvard, and colleges?

Mashable informed me about this Facebook button, so I'm hopeful they'll be the ones that catch this next-best-thing. And I'm happy to say: I don't think that Twitter is IT.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy V(standsforsomethingelse)- Day!

Last night, I got caught up with some of my favorite shows from DVR. Most notably: Glee!

Now, I knew that when Blaine said he had a crush on someone and was going to sing his heart out to the lucky guy, that lucky guy wasn't going to be Kurt. Poor K was so upset when he realized that even though Blaine knew K's coffee order, the blondie at the Gap was blinding Blaine's heart's view of precious Kurty boy.


When the "Blaine-we-aren't-dating, if-we-were- I'd-be-arrested-because-you're-underage"-previously-employed-Gap-Manager broke Blaine's underage heart, Kurt knew it was time to be frank.

"OF COURSE YOU KNOW MY COFFEE ORDER BY HEART! You were too blinded by curly blonde dude to realize I'M THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!" That's what Kurt wanted to say, but he didn't. He said it some quippy Fox-Glee-writer way.

And Kurt and Blaine lived happily ever after.

The moral of this re-telling of Glee was because IT'S ALMOST Valentine's Day!

Now, that day doesn't mean anything to me this year except that now it's going to be celebrated as "Vanity Day" with a special girlfriend of mine. (She will now see me clearly, and without little gelly-type circles in her eyes, because she just got LASIK surgery! YAY!)

She is anti-Valentine's Day, and I'm just neutral about it this year, so we decided that, though we'd still call it "V-Day," the V was going to stand for something more... selfish.

I know this post is a little too-soon to refer to V-Day, but watching Kurt and Blaine really put me in the happy and romantic mood. So, WHY not spread the love to you sooner than later?!

So, HAPPY VANITY DAY to the single and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to the couples.

(Ah hem, gentlemen: I'm available to receive chocolates, red/pink cards with hearts on them, even some early Easter candy if you find some mini eggs or Cadbury eggs.)


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chromeo, Cupcakes, and Roadtrips OH MY!

You know those weekends where you have nothing going on, and then suddenly it's like "WHA-BAM! I GATS ME SOME PLANS?"

That's what this past weekend was like for me. I had bought myself a Chromeo ticket for a friend's birthday way back in, I think, December. At that time, Feb 4 was SO far away. Then it was Feb 1st and I realized I had a SHOW to go to that Friday, AWESOME!

I was so excited to see the birthday boy and have some drinks and dance with him that I was super pumped to go out.

Then, sometime in the last few weeks of January, a friend invited me to our mutual friend's birthday celebration... in Atlantic City...on February 5. I didn't really put the 2 dates together and just said OKAY! anyways.

The Chromeo show was pretty awesome. They put on a really fun show, I saw some friends who I wasn't expecting to see, and danced my little (big) feet off. Problem was: I got home around 2:30AM. I had to be up, packed, (possibly manicured,) and ready to go to Grand Central for a Metro North train (as you know, they have specific departure times, and I couldn't miss it) at 11:48AM.

I managed to wake up earlier than needed, painted my own nails (a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE idea,) and got these amazing little bits of sugary joy for the birthday girl... YUMMM
Ignore the driver. I'm sure she was just looking at directions, not talking to her boyfriend.... I'm holding the box, shielding my nails from the camera. (Really though, they were TERRIBLE.)

So, A and I headed off to pick up C (HA! Just realized- we were A, B, and C... amazing) in her Jersey-based town. Scooped her up (and if you knew the size of C, we actually did scoop her right up) and headed to south Jersey.

The ride, in itself, was simply spectacular. The birthday girl, A, was driving and it's a good thing, because C and I were in no shape to drive, since the night before we were out (separately gallivanting) too late. We laughed, we choked, we cried, we near-peed, we did everything successful road trippers do. And we only got lost like, twice.

Atlantic City was really just an extension of the road trip. We didn't spend any money gambling, and just enjoyed each other's company, stories, and dance moves while spending a little quality girls-night together at a Club...

Clubs aren't my bag, but it was enjoyable enough- watching not-my-type men dance all up on girls, who appeared to actually appreciate the attention. Kudos to all parties involved.

I managed to bring A and C home safely, where we all fell fast asleep and dreamed of mini cupcakes. (Or maybe that was just me?)

The road trip back home was just as enjoyable and hysterical as the ride TO south Jersey, only this time we had McDonald's and Adele accompany us.

All in all, it was a really awesome weekend and I can't wait to do nothing this weekend.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Okay- so I'm not back for a full-length post, but I am going to make myself blog more from now on.

I don't have much to tell you right now except for the following...

1. I'm at a new job... a creative account manager on MADISON AVENUE! Dream come true! I'm working for a big corporate personal/homecare/oral care brand on Park Ave and am really elated about my professional progress in life.
2. I'm on a sabbatical from guys. From dating, from online meeting, from in-personal meeting, from giving my number out- I'm finally just "doing me" and so far, it's been going great (started it a week ago, going until April... at least.)
3. I haven't been home since Christmas! I'm starting to get that itch to go back to Boston for a weekend, see my family and friends. I realized it when I craved a French Vanilla coffee from Dunkins this morning! Now, all I need is my old Altima and I'd be on Cloud 9 of memories...
4. I just joined the "Fun Committee" at work, against my own better judgement. I don't have much time as it is, and the last thing I want to do is spend more time at work, but my boss recommended it, and I don't think it's going to be a bad decision. If anything- I'll meet more people from my company, visit cool bars (for company event-prospecting,) and maybe even get to taste-test for company parties.

Well, there's 4 new things that are going on. Most of them are pretty recent developments. But, it's better to let you know SOMETHING than nothing.

I'll try to come up with more new things to talk about and let you know. Can't wait to start on this blog-ride again... it's way fun, plus, I love looking at the little blonde "ME" in the corner. She's so damn cute.

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