Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What If...

What if that decision you made to move to New York 3 years ago, you actually hadn't done, and decided to move to LA instead? What would you be doing right now?

How different would your life be? Would you have the same friends that you do now?

To think about it more...realistically...

What if... instead of taking the train to work today (as you usually do,) you chose to walk because it's a spring-like day. You bump into an old coworker taking the corner on 57th and Park who tells you that she just got a new job at Pinterest and you should definitely join her there because you were so good at managing your own social media pages during work that you should just get paid for it. You go to current job, think about it, and then apply for the job when you get home that night. Two weeks later, you're starting at Pinterest as their new client manager. 

All because you walked to work that one day.

But, think about it. One small change to your day to day life impacted your whole professional life.

I've been thinking about this "What If" theory for a couple days and am now consciously trying to make day to day decisions based on the potential outcome.

Which then gets me thinking... Am I also fighting fate with my thinking? As you know, I'm a Catholic girl so I leave my every day life and outcomes up to God. But free-will is largely involved every day decision making, obviously.

What if I go out one night with friends and meet the man of my dreams? Alternatively, what if that same night, I had chosen to stay in and watch a movie? If THAT dream-man is the person that God assigns me to for the rest of my life- did I miss my chance of meeting him, or will there be another situation where we get to meet?

Obviously, there aren't any real answers to these "What If" questions. But, I suppose that's the agony joy of life. Living every day by making decisions (whether they be planned or off-the-cuff,) and the subsequent outcome of those decisions.

Now you have something to consider next time your friends offer up a night out when you really just want your couch and a glass of wine.



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