Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WHAM- Wednesday!

Since I promised you a Wednesday playlist, here you go- I'm serving it up on a platter for you.

A platter made of crystal with a neon pink lining.

That's right. I'm talking in 80s terms. Terms that bring back the best of prep, (double popped collar whatwhat) and the best of music... or wait- was it THE WORST of music?

Well, it depends on who you speak to, but I for one am in love with 80s music. Preferably the 80s pop music. WHAM, Eddie Money, Duran Duran... I could go on, But instead... I'll provide you with a rad playlist to get your afternoon started...

Eddie Money- Two Tickets To Paradise
Everyone knows "Take Me Home Tonight," so feel free to listen to that diddy as well, but in reality- the best Eddie Money song for HUMP DAY is Two Tickets To Paradise. It gets you in that rockin' mood that you need to take you from Humpday to Friday. "I've waited so long... waited so long..." I mean- come on, this guy made this song for a Wednesday. We're patiently waiting for Friday to come along, and with that- paradise (the weekend.)

Steve Winwood- Higher Love
I melted some crayons in the plush cushions of my mom's car's backseat way back when, and I'm near certain this song had something to do with it. I mean, I would get distracted from coloring in my book and sing this song at the top of my lungs when it came on the radio. It brings me back to teaching my sister how to resolve our arguments about how to close a Polly Pocket shell with words instead of teeth. It's perfect for a Wednesday because you can't forget about the "higher love" that will find you in just 2 days time... for that's when the weekend begins. Have faith, my 80s children...

George Michael- Faith
Bringing me to THIS! THIS is the best song of the 80s. No matter how often I go to the Canal Room and jam out to Don't Stop Believin'... this is my ultimate preference of songs from the neon decade. (It also reminds me of driving to Nana and Grampys when I was little. Clearly, Mom had a huge influence on my choice of 80s music preferences.) Leaving WHAM was a tragic decision that George Michael made, but I, for one, am thrilled that he did. I mean, he couldn't have pulled off the biker-chic in that boy band! I welcome your dangly cross-earring and motorcycle jacket, even if you've never touched a motorcycle, George. What this song means to you, reader, on this Wednesday, is to have FAITH that Friday is coming. It's going to come after today... and then after tomorrow... but after that- OH HAPPY DAY!

Duran Duran- RIO
Yeah, yeah- you probably expected Hungry Like The Wolf. I'm not taking anything away from that song, but this song... RIO, just helps you get through Wednesday a little bit more. It's like you're taking a trip to Brazil without having to wait in customs at the airport after paying $50 for your bags to get lost! Take my advice: head to Brazil via headphones so that you can imagine yourself more clearly dancing along the sand with Rio, herself.

Whitney Houston- So Emotional
Whitney starts the song out, "I don't know why I like you... I just do." Well, I know why we like you, Wednesday- it's because you're closer to Friday than Monday or Tuesday was. I think this is actually Whitney's best song from the 80s, because it's not as over-played as "How Will I Know," or "I Just Wanna Dance With Somebody." It's slightly forgotten, yet when it's played at the Joshua Tree around 3AM you can somehow sing all of the words without hesitation. Bring it back, Whit, BRING IT BACK!

There you go: the 5-song playlist to change your Wednesday afternoon from boring to totally radical, dude.

Enjoy. Only 2 more days of these... I already have my plan for Friday, but if you have any recommendations for Thursday- send 'em ovah.


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