Thursday, January 12, 2012

Soundtrack Thursday

I took some time to think about what to provide your ears with today that would thrill, delight, move, and maybe even bring you back to that one time in your life. What I decided was pretty awesome: best songs from awesome soundtracks.

Here we go!

The Shins- New Slang (Garden State)
Starting off kinda melancholy, but ever so real- I bring you New Slang. Garden State is one of my favorite movies (and the only movie in which I actually like Natalie Portman,) and gives us an amazing soundtrack filled with music that may or may not make you cry- depending on your current state of emotions or the weather today.

The Wannadies- You and Me (Romeo and Juliet)
This song is just SO much fun. It starts off pretty slowly and then ramps up as quickly as you realize how hot Romeo is (like KAPOW!) Outside of the fact that I'm pretty sure Romeo & Juliet is the reason why I live in an idealistic, romanticized version of "real life," (what can I say, I was very impressionable in the 6th grade,) the whole soundtrack (both of them) provides serious tunes that Kiss 108 never played, but should have. You'll love this song, and if you don't, well- I'm sorry you don't like good music.

Day O- Harry Belafonte (Beetlejuice)
Not purposely coinciding with yesterday's 80s playlist, but happily entering back into that decade, I've added this memorable song from Beetlejuice. Everyone remembers this part when Alec and Gina try to scare the pants off tween-Winona's family. It's SO hilarious that I'm happy YouTube has the whole clip available for our enjoyment. This lunch hour, kick back and let the jealous juices flow over you as you imagine Alec Baldwin being a ghost in your Connecticut household.

Harry Potter Theme Song (Harry Potter)
I'm including this in here because like HP's magic, it's already lunchtime(ish) on Thursday, and that means there's only 1.5 days left of the week. Additionally, it brings me back to a time in high school when I thought HP was for babies, then read the books, and then saw my first HP movie at the Reading IMAX with Laura and realized that HP was just right for me. P.S. why isn't Hogwarts real? Or maybe it is...

Dick Dale and His Del Tones - Miserlou (Pulp Fiction) 

Remember that time Black Eyed Peas ruined that Pulp Fiction song? Well, here's the original, to round out your Thursday playlists. This movie, I have to say, is part of the reason why I never did drugs. I have to thank my parents, mom and dad, for making sure that my 6th grade eyes saw that part where Uma Thurman nearly dies and needed a needle injected into her heart and becomes part-cat and lives a 2nd life. What this song will do for your Thursday is similar to that story: it will bring you back to life after your sandwich, salad, or Altoid hits your stomach and you're about to fall asleep.

You're welcome! 

Tomorrow's playlist is going to bring you back, and I know a few close friends Rachel Lear who will fall in love with it.


  1. Great list! You don't like Natalie Portman? I think I only like her because she has an awesome first name. :)

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