Monday, July 18, 2011

Showing a Little Love for the 1980s

If you know me personally, you know I L O V E the 80's. From the Molly Ringwald movies to the big hair, I just feel such a close connection to the fluorescent and neon decade, sometimes it's tough for me to admit that the current year is 2011.

I have to admit, I was only alive for 4.5 years of the 80s, but my appreciation started to grow the day my mom popped "Troop Beverly Hills" into the VHS player. Soon after that, Ferris Bueller caught my attention and he really was, as Cameron agrees, "my hero." (Ferris was the original Zach Morris- I don't care what anyone says.)

Reason I'm bringing this up is because a friend pointed out a brand new website to me. And because I work in digital, I, of course, had to sign up and see what this new site was all about.

It's called Turntable and you can listen to any songs you want- but, there's a catch. Imagine a club (similar to the BBC if you're one of my friends from high school when we went with the "older boys") with many different rooms with different kinds of music. That's what this is- just a digital version of it, and there are 5 DJs who play the music in the rooms.
  1. It is a music site (similar to Pandora or Rdio) BUT has a sort-of creepy avatar/2nd life aura about it. Which is creepy unless you're in a room with JUST your friends, then you can chit chat to your real-life friends, rather than talking to a fake Dead Maus DJ who could probably be this guy in real life.
  2. The best part about it is that one of the public, default rooms is called "I <3 the 80s." I found it, and haven't looked back since!
 This is a screenshot of the room that I'm currently in looks like. 

Kinda creepy, right? I mean, with all the Avatars, and the chance that no one really knows each other, I don't know- it's just an episode of SVU in the making. And even worse, nothing will stop me from staying in this room and listening to the 80s songs I've long forgotten about! (I just make sure not to start conversations with... say... "Mellow Johnny" (see screenshot chat above.))

I highly recommend you to 
a. listen to more 80s songs 
b. watch more 80s movies
c. get yourself onto Turntable. Even if only for the chance to become a DJ of your own room and get enough points to turn yourself into Dead Maus... or the giant gorilla in the back-right.

I'll leave you with this...

You're welcome.


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