Thursday, August 12, 2010

You know what they say...

When one door closes, another one opens.

I'm hoping that happens, but I think I'm past-due to just hang out and wait in the parlor room for a little bit before the next door swings open.(my parlor, but picture it with the pretty, yellow doors closed.)

I don't want another door to open too soon after the last door shut on me. I'd rather spend some time chilling out, reading some magazines, waiting for the owner of the door to invite me in. :)

So, that's my plan. I know I had said that I won't wear my headphones while I read on the subway, but you know what? I just downloaded some new good songs and I want to listen to them whenever I want! I decided that I don't need anyone right now.

Matter of fact, I don't even want anyone right now. So, if Mr. Perfect walks into my car on the 6, then so be it. He's going to have to wait before I'm ready to leave my parlor room.

It's high time that I do my own thing and partake in my own life alone. I'm not inviting anyone into my parlor. There may be some windows that open up, and I may take a peek in here and there. I'm not closing anyone or any possibility out. I just have to take some time for me now :)


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