Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chromeo, Cupcakes, and Roadtrips OH MY!

You know those weekends where you have nothing going on, and then suddenly it's like "WHA-BAM! I GATS ME SOME PLANS?"

That's what this past weekend was like for me. I had bought myself a Chromeo ticket for a friend's birthday way back in, I think, December. At that time, Feb 4 was SO far away. Then it was Feb 1st and I realized I had a SHOW to go to that Friday, AWESOME!

I was so excited to see the birthday boy and have some drinks and dance with him that I was super pumped to go out.

Then, sometime in the last few weeks of January, a friend invited me to our mutual friend's birthday celebration... in Atlantic City...on February 5. I didn't really put the 2 dates together and just said OKAY! anyways.

The Chromeo show was pretty awesome. They put on a really fun show, I saw some friends who I wasn't expecting to see, and danced my little (big) feet off. Problem was: I got home around 2:30AM. I had to be up, packed, (possibly manicured,) and ready to go to Grand Central for a Metro North train (as you know, they have specific departure times, and I couldn't miss it) at 11:48AM.

I managed to wake up earlier than needed, painted my own nails (a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE idea,) and got these amazing little bits of sugary joy for the birthday girl... YUMMM
Ignore the driver. I'm sure she was just looking at directions, not talking to her boyfriend.... I'm holding the box, shielding my nails from the camera. (Really though, they were TERRIBLE.)

So, A and I headed off to pick up C (HA! Just realized- we were A, B, and C... amazing) in her Jersey-based town. Scooped her up (and if you knew the size of C, we actually did scoop her right up) and headed to south Jersey.

The ride, in itself, was simply spectacular. The birthday girl, A, was driving and it's a good thing, because C and I were in no shape to drive, since the night before we were out (separately gallivanting) too late. We laughed, we choked, we cried, we near-peed, we did everything successful road trippers do. And we only got lost like, twice.

Atlantic City was really just an extension of the road trip. We didn't spend any money gambling, and just enjoyed each other's company, stories, and dance moves while spending a little quality girls-night together at a Club...

Clubs aren't my bag, but it was enjoyable enough- watching not-my-type men dance all up on girls, who appeared to actually appreciate the attention. Kudos to all parties involved.

I managed to bring A and C home safely, where we all fell fast asleep and dreamed of mini cupcakes. (Or maybe that was just me?)

The road trip back home was just as enjoyable and hysterical as the ride TO south Jersey, only this time we had McDonald's and Adele accompany us.

All in all, it was a really awesome weekend and I can't wait to do nothing this weekend.

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